Monday, August 11, 2003

     The following is a statement from United States Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

     “As I said I was going to do, I have taken a long and hard look at what it would take to win my party’s
     nomination. My goal is to influence the direction of our country because I am deeply concerned that
     we are heading in the wrong direction at home and abroad.

     “Obviously, the best way to do that would be as the Democratic nominee for president. But, at this
     late date, everything would have to fall perfectly into place and I would have to put on hold what
     influence I have in the United States Senate in pursuit of what is now too much of a long shot.

     “Ultimately, a decision of this nature is intensely personal and my experiences have taught me under
     such circumstances to follow my own instincts.

     “At this moment, my instincts tell me that the best way for me to work to enhance America’s national
     security and to fight for economic security for the middle class is to remain in the United States
     Senate. From there I will also attempt to influence the positions taken by my party’s nominee on these

     “Therefore, at this time, I am not entering the race for the Democratic nomination for President.”