Carol Moseley Braun-Campaign Organization
Carol Moseley Braun for President
On February 19, 2003, Carol Moseley Braun filed papers with the FEC establishing the Carol Moseley Braun for President Exploratory Committee.  The committee opened an office at 2907 S. Wabash in Chicago.  There was significant turnover in May/June as the initial campaign manager Andi Pringle and others left.  Patrick Botterman took over with the title interim director.  At the time Moseley Braun formally announced her candidacy on September 22, the campaign had a staff of seven.  In November, Patricia Ireland, former president of the National Organization for Women, took over as campaign manager. 
Campaign Manager Patricia Ireland
(announced November 17, 2003)  Most recently served a short stint as CEO of the YWCA (announced April 30, 2003, started mid-May, terminated October 16).  President of the National Organization for Women, 1991-2001; served as executive vice president and treasurer at NOW starting in 1987.  Partner in a Miami law firm.  Earned law degree from the University of Miami, 1975.  Flight attendent for Pan American World Airlines, 1967-1975.  Ireland is the author of What Women Want.
Jessie Washington
(came on the same time as Patricia Ireland)
Deputy Campaign Manager Paula Xanthopoulou
(November 2003; responsible for the Chicago campaign operations)  President of the National Women's Political Caucus of Florida.
Ballot Access and Delegate Selection Patrick Botterman
(started late June 2003 as Interim Director after the departure of Andi Pringle and continued in that role until the arrival of Paula Xanthopoulou)  A veteran of numerous Illinois campaigns, Botterman is Wheeling Township Democratic Committeeman (northwestern Cook County).  Since 1996 he has worked with state Sen. Terry Link in his election and re-election efforts.  In 1998 he served as political director on John Schmidt's gubernatorial campaign.  In 2000 he ran Dorothy Brown's successful campaign for Cook County Clerk of the Court.  In 2002 he worked on Schmidt's campaign for Attorney General and also managed Illinois congressional candidate Melissa Bean's campaign.
National Finance Chair Emma Chappell
(Announced October 2, 2003)  Director of the Rainbow Push Wall Street Project; Chappell was a founding Vice President of the National Rainbow Coalition; National Treasurer for Reverend Jesse Jackson's 1984 presidential campaign; and Chairperson on the Operation PUSH Board.  She pursued a career in banking; in 1977 she became Continental Bank's first African American Vice President; she helped found the United Bank of Philadelphia and served as CEO from 1992 to 2000.
Deputy Fundraiser Julie Amico
Graduated from Northern Illinois University with a master's degree in public administration in December 2002.  While at NIU interned for the Village of Riverside and for NIU's Human Resource Department.  Undergraduate degree in political science from Truman State University (formerly Northeastern Missouri State University) in Kirksville.
Deputy Fundraiser Robin Denise Lattier
Graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in agriculture development in December 2002.  While at Texas A&M helped with fundraising and soliciting major contributions for the Texas A&M Twelfth Man Foundation.
Communications Director Loretta Kane
(November 2003)  Chief Operating Officer of the YWCA of the USA, May 2003 to November 2003.  Communications Director for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, September 2002 to May 2003.  Campaign Communications Coordinator at Service Employees International Union, November 2001 to September 2002.  Kane worked at the National Organization for Women from 1988 to August 2001, starting as Volunteer and Intern Coordinator and rising to the position of Vice President.  Prior to joining NOW, she worked for McDonald's Corporation.
Media Relations Office Michael Mannino
Moved to Chicago in 1998 to work as director of affiliate relations for the Illinois Radio Network, and in 2000 also took up the job of coordinating affiliate relations for the Michigan Radio Network.  In 2002 worked in the media relations office of the Paul Vallas for Governor campaign.  Mannino is a 1993 graduate of Marquette University.
Campaign Spokesperson Hope Daniels
A tenured professor at Columbia College-Chicago's School of Media Arts, Daniels has over two decades of experience as a radio and television broadcaster.  She served for almost two years as Braun's deputy press secretary when she was in the Senate.
Field Bruce Crosby

N E W   H A M P S H I R E

State Coordinator Suzy Colt


S O U T H   C A R O L I N A

Issues Scott Waguespack

Scheduler Christine Drew
Graduate of the University of Kansas with a B.A. in political science, 2001.  Has worked on campaigns in Kansas and in Lake and Cook counties in Illinois.  Born and raised in Waukegan, she currently resides in the Roscoe Village neighborhood of Chicago. 
Fundraising Consultant Mia Phifer
After working as a volunteer on races such as Sen. Paul Simon's re-election campaign and Gov. Michael Dukakis' presidential campaign, Phifer started her own political fundraising consultancy.  She has served as finance directer for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) and for state Rep. Lauren Beth Gash, who narrowly lost in to Ron Kirk in Illinois' 10th CD in 2000, as well as serving as director of development for Personal PAC, a pro-choice PAC in Illinois. Graduate of the University of Illinois at Springfield with a bachelor's degree in communications.

Moseley Braun announced the following members of the Exploratory Committee on February 19:

Elizabeth Tisdahl  investment analyst from Evanston, Ill.
Reverend Leon Finney founder and pastor of Christ Apostolic Church.
Rep. Bobby Rush (IL-1)
Rep. Danny Davis (IL-7)
Gloria Steinem  founder of Ms. magazine (1972).
George Muñoz investment banker--Munoz Investment Banking Group, LLC; served as president and CEO of OPIC through January 2001 and previously as Treasury Assistant Secretary and CFO.
Paul Simon   U.S. Senator from Illinois from 1985-1997; currently director of the Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University (SIU).
John Rogers  Chicago attorney. 
State Sen. Rodney Ellis of Houston
Ethel Gingold
John Stroger   president of the Cook County Board of Commissioners.
State Rep. Lovana Jones of Chicago   Assistant Majority Leader.
James Polk
Nancy Gdowski
Elzie Higginbottom   CEO of East Lake Management & Development Co. in Chicago, serves on the Illinois Workforce Investment Board.
Lou Vitullo    a partner with the Chicago law firm of Wildman, Harrold. 
Monica Stewart 

Website: Illumina Interactive (Boston, MA)
launched Feb. 18, 2003.

Former Staff...
Treasurer Billie Paige
(resigned mid-November 2003)
Consultants Kurth Lampe
(did the earliest work on the campaign; resigned mid-November 2003)  Kitty Kurth and husband Kevin Lampe formed their Chicago-based consulting firm in 1996.  Kurth is president and Lampe is executive vice president.  Kurth's experience includes national press and advance staff for the Dukakis general election campaign in 1988 and Illinois campaign manager for Paul Tsongas' 1992 presidential campaign.  In 1992 she helped Paul Tsongas and Warren Rudman found the Concord Coalition; as Director of National Field Operations she built statewide organizations in all 50 states in the first six months.  She served as Deputy Director of Strategic Planning and Communications for the DCCC during the 1994 cycle.  In 1995 she joined the political communications firm of Austin Sheinkopf as vice president.  Kurth also did advance work on the Clinton/Gore '92 and '96 and Gore/Lieberman campaigns.  Lampe worked on a number of Illinois campaigns starting in 1989, and worked as a senior account executive at the Chicago-based public relations/public affairs firm Jasculca/Terman and Associates, before joining with Kurth to form Kurth Lampe.

...the campaign experienced significant turnover in May/June in part due to nonpayment:
Campaign Manager Andrea Pringle
(February-June 2003)  Worked for the Open Society Institute on its criminal justice initiative, 2001-'02; served as campaign manager for a juvenile justice reform advocacy effort in Florida, 2002.  Communications director for the NAACP National Voter Fund in 2000-'01.  Deputy campaign manager for John White, Jr. for Mayor in Philadelphia, 1998-99.  Worked on Jesse Jackson's 1984 and 1988 presidential campaigns and at the National Rainbow Coalition, 1984-88.  Pringle also has extensive experience in entertainment industry management. 
Press Secretary Allison McLaurin
(early April 2003-resigned June 2003)  Partner in Whistle Stop Communications.  Political director at the Democratic Governors' Association, 1998-2001.  Previously worked at the DNC as director of African American outreach.
National Field Director Jocelyn Woodards
(March-resigned May 2003)  Chicago political strategist/community organizer.  In 2000 was deputy director of the Florida Democratic Coordinated Campaign.  Deputy director of the Office of Voter Participation at the DNC, 1995-97.
Issues Director Siddhartha Mitter
(resigned June 8, 2003)
Director of Operations Marc Silvermann
(resigned June 15, 2003)
Finance Director/Consultant
Ed. note: This information was related by an operative on the campaign, but later refuted by Mr. Lampe.
Karen McRae, Tucker McKenzie Group
(March 28-withdrew May 2003)  
General Consulting Whistle Stop Communications, LLC
A new political consulting and direct mail firm formed by Ann Beser, Alison McLaurin and Tom Owens.
Finance Director Stacey Bhaerman
(started May 6, 2003--by summer relocated to New Jersey)  Did fundraising for New Mexico Democrats 2002 Coordinated Campaign and for Fernando Ferrer's 2001 campaign for mayor of New York City and has worked on campaigns since late 1998.  Behrman earned her degree in chemical engineering from Cooper Union, and was active in College Democrats.

also helping as a volunteer (field work): 
Alice Tregay  A Chicagoan.  Has worked as voter registration coordinator for Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.

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