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The Travels of President George W. Bush -- April 2004
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Huntington, WV
Greensboro, GA
Charlotte, NC
St. Louis, MO
El Dorado, AR
Fort Hood, TX


Des Moines, IA


Hershey, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Buffalo, NY
New York, NY
Wells, ME
Naples, FL
Coral Gables, FL
Minneapolis, MN


Baltimore, MD
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Note: This calendar is based on publicly available information from the campaign, the RNC, the White House, and news accounts.  The calendar above shows scheduled stops.  The listing below includes impromptu stops and other details, again based on publicly available information.     See Rationale, Methodology and Limitations.


Thurs. April 1, 2004
WDC.  -GWB and LB participate in National Republican Congresssional Committee Dinner at the Washington Hilton.  ($)
Also today President Bush signed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 in the East Room.

Fri. April 2, 2004
-GWB conversation on job training at Marshall Community and Technical College in Huntington, WV.   ...7th visit to West Virginia as President.
-GWB at "Appreciation Weekend"--reception and dinner with top contributors at Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, GA.
To Camp David.

Sat. April 3, 2004
Sun. April 4, 2004
Weekend at Camp David.

Mon. April 5, 2004
-GWB remarks on job training and the economy at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC.
-GWB participates in Bush-Cheney '04 luncheon at Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC.  (Raises $1,550,000).  this event had been scheduled for Feb. 26 but there was a blizzard.
-GWB throws opening pitch at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MO.
To Crawford, TX for Easter.

Tues. April 6, 2004
Crawford, TX.
-GWB conversation on job training and the economy at South Arkansas Community College in El Dorado, AR.

Wed. April 7, 2004
Crawford, TX.

Thurs. April 8, 2004
Crawford, TX.

Fri. April 9, 2004
Crawford, TX.

Sat. April 10, 2004
Crawford, TX.

Sun. April 11, 2004
Crawford, TX.
-Church service and meets with soldiers wounded in Iraq at Fort Hood, TX.

Mon. April 12, 2004
Crawford, TX.  [President Mubarak of Egypt]

Tues. April 13, 2004
WDC.   -Prime time press conference.
Also today President and Mrs. Bush released 2003 tax returns, reporting taxable income of $727,083, $227,490 in federal income taxes paid, and $68,360 in contributions to charities.

Wed. April 14, 2004
WDC.  [Prime Minister Sharon of Israel]

Thurs. April 15, 2004
-GWB remarks on tax relief and the economy at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines' "Capitalizing on Rural America" symposium at the Des Moines Marriott Downtown in Des Moines, IA.  ...first visit to Iowa since November 2002.

Fri. April 16, 2004
WDC.  [British Prime Minister Blair]

Sat. April 17, 2004
Sun. April 18, 2004
GWB and LB spend the weekend at Camp David.

Mon. April 19, 2004
-GWB remarks on the Patriot Act at Hershey Lodge and Convention Center in Hershey, PA.  ...27th visit to Pennsylvania as President.
-GWB attends a Specter for Senate re-election event at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA.  ($)

Tues. April 20, 2004
-GWB participates in a conversation on the Patriot Act at Kleinshans Music Hall in Buffalo, NY.
-GWB attends RNC Victory 2004 reception at The River Club in New York City.  (Raises $3.75 million).

Wed. April 21, 2004

Thurs. April 22, 2004
-GWB remarks on Earth Day at Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve in Wells, ME.  ...7th visit to Maine as President.

Fri. April 23, 2004
-GWB remarks on conservation and volunteer service at Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Naples, FL.
-GWB attends RNC Victory 2004 reception at the home of John F. Donahue (Federated Investors) in Naples, FL.  (Raises $2.9 million).
-GWB attends RNC Victory 2004 reception at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Coral Gables, FL.  (Raises $1.5 million).
To Camp David.

Sat. April 24, 2004
Sun. April 25, 2004
GWB and LB spend the weekend at Camp David.

Mon. April 26, 2004
-GWB remarks at the American Association of Community Colleges Annual Convention at Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN.   ...8th visit to MN as Pres., first visit in 2004.
-GWB attends RNC Victory 2004 luncheon at the home of David Frauenshuh (real estate developer) in Edina, MN.  (Raises $1 million).

Tues. April 27, 2004
-GWB conversation on the benefits of health care information technology at the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Baltimore, MD.

Wed. April 28, 2004  -this evening CBS broadcast on "60 Minutes II" some of the photos showing prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib.
WDC.  [Swedish Prime Minister Persson]

Thurs. April 29, 2004
WDC.   -GWB and DC meet with the 9-11 Commission.

Fri. April 30, 2004
WDC.  [Canadian Prime Minister Martin]

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