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The Travels of President George W. Bush -- July 2004
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Charleston, WV
Morrisville, NC
Raleigh, NC
Waterford, MI
Bloomfield Hills, MI
(Washington, DC)
bus tour...
Kutztown, PA
Lancaster, PA
York, PA
(Washington, DC)
Oak Ridge, TN
Marquette, MI
Duluth, MN
(Milwaukee, WI)
bus tour...
Waukesha, WI
Fond du Lac, WI
Ashwaubenon, WI
(Washington, DC)
Tampa, FL
Beckley, WV
(Washington, DC)
Cedar Rapids, IA
St. Charles, MO
(Washington, DC)
Glenview, IL
Winnetka, IL
Detroit, MI
Crawford, TX


- Crawford, TX -
Springfield, MO
Grand Rapids, MI
Cleveland, OH
(Cleveland, OH)
bus tour...
Canton, OH
Cambridge, OH
...Wheeling, WV
Pittsburgh, PA
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Note: This calendar is based on publicly available information from the campaign, the RNC, the White House, and news accounts.  The calendar above shows scheduled stops.  The listing below includes impromptu stops and other details, again based on publicly available information.   See Rationale, Methodology and Limitations.


Thurs. July 1, 2004

Fri. July 2, 2004
GWB and LB at Camp David.

Sat. July 3, 2004
GWB and LB at Camp David.

Sun. July 4, 2004
(GWB had planned to attend church services at The Bible Center in Charleston, but this was cancelled due to plane trouble).
-GWB delivers remarks at a Fourth of July Celebration at the State Capitol in Charleston, WV.

Mon. July 5, 2004
no public events

Tues. July 6, 2004
WDC.  [Prime Minister Oddsson of Iceland].

Wed. July 7, 2004 (LB in IA, NE)
-GWB meets with North Carolina judicial nominees in Morrisville, NC.
-GWB attends RNC Victory 2004 reception and luncheon at the home of investor Cliff Benson, Jr. in North Raleigh, NC.  (Raises $2.35 million).
-GWB meets with Michigan judicial nominees at Oakland County International Airport in Waterford (near Pontiac), MI.
-GWB attends RNC Victory 2004 reception at the home of C. Michael Kojaian in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  (Raises $2.5 million).
Overnights in Washington, DC.

Thurs. July 8, 2004
WDC.  [King Mohammed VI of Morocco].

Fri. July 9, 2004
President Bush does an Eastern Pennsylvania bus tour with daughter Jenna.  (first campaign trip for Jenna, recent graduate of Univ. of Texas) Bush's 30th trip as President (LB in MA, NH)
Arrives Lehigh Valley International Airport.
Unannounced stop at the Home Town Diner in Breinigsville, PA.
-"Ask President Bush" event at Kutztown University in Kutztown, PA.
-Remarks at at Lapp Electrical Services in Lancaster, PA.
Unannounced stop at steps of Borough Hall in downtown Pottstown, PA.
-Bush-Cheney '04 rally at Expo Center's Toyota Arena in York, PA.
Overnights in Washington, DC.

Sat. July 10, 2004

Sun. July 11, 2004
WDC.  [T-ball].

Mon. July 12, 2004
-GWB tours the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and makes remarks on the War on Terror in Oak Ridge, TN.
WDC.  [President Saca of El Salvador].

Tues. July 13, 2004
-GWB, accompanied by daughter Barbara, remarks at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI.  (First visit by a sitting president to Upper Peninsula since 1911).
-GWB, accompanied by daughter Barbara, at Bush-Cheney '04 rally at Duluth Entertainment Convention Center in Duluth, MN.
Overnights in Milwaukee, WI.

Wed. July 14, 2004
President Bush does an Eastern Wisconsin bus tour with daughter Barbara and Sec. Tommy Thompson. (LB in AL, GA)
-"Ask President Bush" at the Waukesha County Exposition Center in Waukesha, WI.
Unannounced stop at Mick's Candyman in West Bend (county seat of Washington County), WI.
-Presidential remarks at Mid-States Aluminum Corporation in Fond du Lac, WI.
Unannounced stop at Leon's Frozen Custard in Oshkosh, WI.
-Bush-Cheney '04 rally at Brown County Veterans Memorial Complex in Ashwaubenon, WI.
Overnights in Washington, DC.

Thurs. July 15, 2004 (LB in FL, TN)
WDC.  [President Bagabandi of Mongolia].

Fri. July 16, 2004
-GWB, accompanied by daughter Barbara, makes remarks at the National Training Conference on Human Trafficking at at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina in Tampa, FL.
Unannounced stop, greets customers and gets some sandwiches, at La Tropicana, a Cuban cafe in Tampa, FL.
-GWB participates in a Bush-Cheney '04 rally at at the Raleigh County Armory Civic Center in Beckley, WV.
Overnights in Washington, DC.

Sat. July 17, 2004
Sun. July 18, 2004

Mon. July 19, 2004
WDC.  [President Lagos of Chile; Prime Minister Badawi of Malaysia].

Tues. July 20, 2004
-GWB, accompanied by his two daughters, does "Ask President Bush" at Kirkwood Community College's Recreation Center in Cedar Rapids, IA
-GWB participates in a Bush-Cheney '04 rally at the Family Arena in St. Charles (suburb of St. Louis), MO.
Overnights in Washington, DC.

Wed. July 21, 2004
WDC.  [Prime Minister Nastase of Romania].  President's Dinner (NRSC/NRCC event) at the Convention Center in Washington, DC.   ($)

Thurs. July 22, 2004
WDC.  -receives 9-11 report.
-GWB tours and makes remarks on homeland security at the Northeastern Illinois Public Training Academy in Glenview, IL.
-GWB attends RNC Victory 2004 event at the home of Aon Corp. CEO Pat Ryan in Winnetka (Chicago), IL.  (Raises $2.5 million).

Fri. July 23, 2004
Arriving in Detroit GWB meets his 300th Freedom Corps greeter, Eric Rasmussen.
-GWB addresses the 2004 National Urban League Conference at the Cobo Center in Detroit, MI.
-GWB does RNC Victory 2004 dinner at the Broken Spoke Ranch in Crawford, TX.  ($)

Sat. July 24, 2004-Thurs. July 29, 2004
At the ranch in Crawford, TX, no public events.
Thurs. July 29, 2004
GWB and LB tape television interview with Dr. Phil; GWB does interview with Field and Stream magazine.
Returns to the White House.

Fri. July 30, 2004
"Heart and Soul of America" tour (new stump speech)
-GWB speaks at Southwest Missouri State University's Hammons Field in Springfield, MO.
-GWB speaks at Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, MI.
-GWB remarks to athletes of the International Children's Games and Cultural Festival at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, OH.
-GWB at RNC Victory 2004 dinner at the home of Edward F. Crawford, chief executive of Park-Ohio Holdings Corp., in Kirtland Hills (Cleveland), OH.  (Raises $3 million to be split between the Voinovich campaign and Victory 2004).
Overnights in Cleveland, OH.

Sat. July 31, 2004
President Bush does "Heart and Soul of America" bus tour in Ohio and West Virginia.
Unannounced stop at Cleveland Browns training camp in Berea (just south of Cleveland airport), OH.
In Akron picks up 10 workers from the Timken Co. and they travel on the bus.
-Remarks at Canton Memorial Civic Center in Canton, OH.
Unannounced stop at Eiler Candy shop in Dover, OH.
-Rally at Cambridge City Park's Don Coss Field in Cambridge, OH.
Stops and greets employees at the soon to open Cabela's outfitters store in Tridelphia (suburban Wheeling), WV.
-Rally at David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA.
returns to WDC.

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