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Bush-Cheney '04
Chairman Marc Racicot  August 27, 2003


If you support President Bush's strong leadership...

If you're grateful he and Laura have restored honor and dignity to the White House...

If you believe it's important for America and the world that he and Dick Cheney have four more years in office...

..then I hope you let me send you a Charter Member card identifying you as one of the President's key supporters.  Please activate it by making a campaign gift of $2,000, $1,000, $500, $250, $100, or even $50 or $25 today at www.GeorgeWBush.com/CharterMember/ using the campaign's secure server.

It's critical to the President you make your Charter Membership gift to his campaign now. For while he's focused on his great responsibilities - winning the war against terrorism and strengthening our economy - he's counting on you and me to get his grassroots campaign off to a strong start, XXXXX.

And as chairman of the President's re-election, I can tell you we need your financial support at www.GeorgeWBush.com/CharterMember/. Democrats and their allies will have more money to spend attacking the President during the nomination battle than we will have to defend him.

If you need more convincing the President needs your help, consider what Democrats are saying. The race is just starting, but their rhetoric is already red-hot.

John Kerry claims President Bush is "stealing from America's children." He compared the President to Saddam Hussein, saying America needs a "regime change" just like Iraq did.

Howard Dean said he's heard the President might suspend the 2004 election, called him "reckless" and "despicable," compared our President to the Taliban, and said he was trying to "destroy Social Security, Medicare, our public schools, and public services."

Dick Gephardt said the President's "phony macho business is not getting us where we need to be."

Bob Graham talked "impeachment," accusing the President of "secrecy and manipulation."

John Edwards said the President's plans will "corrupt the American economy."

Joe Lieberman said President Bush "has made us weaker" and was "nearly as dangerous to our long-term security" as Iraqi militants.

The Democrat National Committee depicted the President as a "madman" and a Democrat leader invoked the Holocaust when talking about him and his policies. And another national Democrat leader attacked the President as "the village idiot from Texas."

This ugly, overheated rhetoric shows Democrats will say anything and stop at nothing to defeat this President. A slash and burn campaign like this will rally the left wing of the Democrat Party, which could matter in an election where 50% of Americans may not vote.

Democrats will have the all-out help of some leaders in the AFL-CIO, many wealthy personal injury trial lawyers, and well-funded liberal special interests. The hundreds of millions of dollars they will spend could make the race close. One wealthy currency trader has already pledged $10 million to defeat the President.

The President needs your help to overcome these assaults and others that lie ahead. So please send your Charter Membership gift for whatever you can afford today at www.GeorgeWBush.com/CharterMember/. The new Federal campaign contribution limit is $2,000 a person or $4,000 a couple.  I'll have your Charter Membership card prepared and sent to you as soon as possible after your contribution has been logged in.

There is so much this President has done to lead our country in the war against terrorism, to strengthen our economy, and to help build a more compassionate society.

George W. Bush has the vision our nation needs, the moral clarity the world has been waiting for and the values we want in our President. If you agree, then help him today. Thank you.


Marc Racicot

Bush-Cheney '04

P.S. Please join the President's campaign team and activate your Charter Membership by sending your gift today at www.GeorgeWBush.com/CharterMember/. You'll be casting an early vote for his reelection by doing so...and showing how strongly you disagree with the ugly, untrue things Democrats are saying in their desperate bid for backing from their party's left wing.

The President needs your support today to win.

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Bush-Cheney '04, Inc. will post the name, city, state, occupation, employer and donation amounts of everyone who contributes $1 or more to President Bush's re-election efforts on GeorgeWBush.com as provided to us.
Federal law requires us to obtain and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of the individuals whose contributions exceed $200 per election cycle.
An individual's contribution limit to Bush-Cheney '04, Inc. is $2000.00.
Funds received in response to this solicitation will be subject to federal contribution limits.
Contributions from corporations, government contractors, foreign nationals without a "green card," and minors (individuals under the age of 18) are prohibited.

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