President George W. Bush-Campaign Organization, Colorado
Southwest Regional Chairman - John Sanchez 
Southwest Regional Political Director - Rudy Fernández 
Regional Press Secretary - Danny Diaz 
Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.  |  200 W. Plaza Drive, Suite 100  |  Highlands Ranch
Note: Colorado became competitive for Bush in August, in part because of the tightly contested Coors-Salazar U.S. Senate race, prompting the Bush campaign and the RNC to move money and people into the state.  The Bush campaign in Colorado was thus rather different than in other states because it started late; a six- to eight-month campaign was compressed into four and a half months. 

Indeed for the first six months of 2004 the Republican campaign was tiny.  Colin Campbell had started initial work on the 96-Hour effort in about December 2003, and he eventually gathered a team of about ten full-time volunteers, but only on June 1 were the first six staffers hired.  In mid-June Jason Hebert started as Bush-Cheney '04 executive director after previously heading the campaign in Louisiana.  From June to September the Bush campaign was a small operation, and the team had to work very hard to hold things together; they did meet their targets nonetheless, in part thanks to a huge volunteer effort. 

In September the floodgates opened and a bunch of new people came in from other states such as Arkansas, North Carolina, and California.  The result was kind of a grand coalition as the Bush team, 96-Hour people, and staff from the Coors campaign and many other campaigns worked in tandem on the Republican effort.  The large numbers of volunteers was critical to the Republican effort.  By Election Day 2004, the 96-Hour program had recruited over 8,300 volunteers from all over Colorado; over half of those volunteers were recruited before July of 2004.  (By comparison in 2002, the 96-Hour program recruited 1,300 volunteers in Colorado). 
Chair Governor Bill Owens

Co-Chairs Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Sen. Wayne Allard

Honorary Chairs Reps. Joel Hefley, Scott McInnis, Tom Tancredo, Marilyn Musgrave, and Bob Beauprez 

Executive Director Jason Hebert
(started mid-June 2004)  Hebert came to Colorado after starting as Bush-Cheney'04's executive director in Louisiana in March 2004.  Previously served as executive director of the Republican Party of Louisiana (starting in early 2003 through March 1, 2004), and earlier as the party's political director.  He also worked on Vice President Dan Quayle's presidential exploratory committee in 1999, as an executive with Innovative Advertising in Covington, as a finance representative with the National Republican Congressional Committee, and as a government relations associate with ICF Kaiser.  Graduate of Louisiana State University.
Communications Director Nicole Andrews
Prior to the campaign Andrews served as spokeswoman for the House Committee on Resources.
Deputy Communications Director Camille Anderson
-Anderson had served as Comm. Dir. for BC'04 in California

Coalitions Director Sarah Beth Bailey
(arrived in September after serving as BC'04 Coalitions Director in Arkansas).  Previously worked at Small Business Administration.  Worked on Sen. Tim Hutchinson's 2002 re-election campaign. 2001 graduate of the University of Mississippi with a degree in political science and broadcast journalism.  Native Arkansan.

Regional Field Staff
Denver Metro Bryant Adams
-arrived mid-Sept.; had been BC'04 field staffer in Arkansas
North Josh South
-arrived mid-Sept.; had been BC'04 field staffer in Arkansas
Colorado Springs Alex Robertson
-started first week Oct.; had been BC'04 staffer in North Carolina
Denver Metro Margaret Wicker
-started first week Oct.; had been BC'04 staffer in North Carolina


96-Hour Program
Executive Director Colin Campbell
Veteran of about a dozen campaigns; son of retiring U.S. Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell.
Deputy Executive Director Chuck Broerman
Named vice chairman of the Colorado Republican Party in January 2003.  South Central Business Development Representative for the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OED&IT).  Previously held manufacturing, engineering and management positions for several high-tech companies.  Graduated from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio with a degree in electronics, 1982; has also earned degrees in electronic-mechanical engineering from Sinclair College and business administration from Regis University. 
Organization Director Ethan Eilon

Organization Director Adriel Domenech
-had been 72-Hour Director in Arkansas. 
Interned at the RNC in Fall 2001.  Graduate of Texas A&M; studied history and political science. 
Absentee Ballot/Early Vote Coordinator Brian Elson
First campaign.  Started in June as a volunteer making phone calls.  Graduate of Metropolitan State College of Denver with a degree in aviation management, 2004.

Regional Field Staff: Joe Bunecke, Corey Curtis, Mark Eisbrenner, Drew Griffin [Western Slope - had been a field staffer in Arkansas], Allison Johnson [Boulder/Longmont - had been a field staffer in Arkansas], Amy Ollivier, Jon Reynolds, Tony Ryba, Claudia Vasquez [South Colorado], Garrett Walls [Western Slope].

also: Mark Bliton

Regional Field Coordinators (Volunteer): Tom Banks, Butch Batchelder, Clark Bolser, Jeff Bull, Kris Kouch, Tara Crumb, Suzanne Guggenheim, Cheryl Oleyar, Art Onweller, Kay Rendleman, Scott Shires, Rich Sokol, Jim and Becky Way.

volunteer: Amanda Trisdale-Rundell
Volunteer Coordinator Susie McKinney
Lori Horn, Betty Pilcher, Pam Prestage.
Communications Carolyn Williams
Started as an intern, then worked as volunteer coordinator before finishing as a communications person.  Daughter of Peter Webb, Peter Webb Public Relations, Inc. in Centennial.  Colorado State University.  From Littleton.
Ballot Integrity/HAVA Jeff Hammond
HAVA Chairman: Tom Norton.
Attorney Scott Gessler
Attorney at Hale Hackstaff in Denver.   For eight years Gessler served in management positions in several small companies.  M.B.A. from Northwestern University's J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management.  Trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice.   J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.  B.A. from Yale University.  Army Reservist.
Consultants Andy Merritt
Alan Philp

Interns: Sarah Little, Katie Mayer, Dan McNeill, Kristine Palser, Nicole Walker, Sean Wickersham, Jamie Wilson.

Colorado Republican Party  | 1777 South Harrison Street, Suite 100  |  Denver
Chairman Ted Halaby
(from March 15, 2003) Arapahoe County attorney. 
Executive Director David Wardrop
(Dec. 2003) Former political director for the party. In past served on the staffs of Sen. Bill Armstrong and Rep. Dan Schaefer. 
Political Director Scott T. Russell

Operations Director Dallas Diaz

Communications Director Bill Ray

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