...St. John's County is located in Northeast Florida, just south of Jacksonville. Cities include St. Augustine and Elkton.  I-95 runs through the county.  The county had an est. population of 142,869 in July 2003 according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  On Election Day there were 109,635 total registered voters; 86,631 total ballots were cast.  Bush won by a wide margin: Bush 59,196 (68.60%) to Kerry 26,399 (30.59) while 6 others garnered the remaining 0.80%.
St. John's County Florida Victory 2004 Steering Committee
Headquarters: 822 A1A North, Suite 308  |  Ponte Vedra Beach
County Chairman and Ponte Vedra Regional Chair Janet Westling
Foundef Fragrances of Florida (Ponte Vedra, The Fragrance) in 2001.  Has lived in Florida since 1975.
Co-Chair for Bush/Cheney and Regional Chair for St. Augustine Pat Bailey

Regional Chair for Palencia and Southhampton Diane Dew

E-County Coordinator and Northeast Regional Chair David Rafanowicz

Coalitions Coordinator Asa Meadows
29 coalitions ranging from African-American to Young Republicans, with such diverse groups as Contractors, Pharmaceutical Reps., Homemakers and Skydivers.
Volunteer Coordinator Randie Long

Voter Registration and Turnout Coordinator Betty Heindel

Event Coordinator Paula Roderick

Election Day Phone Chair Kathy Robertson

Precincts and Event Coordinator Barbara Sandler

Precincts Coordinator Elvira Hasty

Communications Coordinator Reid Hartsfield

Webmaster Kimberly Jackson

Absentee Voting Coordinator Barbara Jackson

Absentee Voting Coordinator Bill Jackson

Promotional Materials Coordinator Priscilla Fadale

Endorsements Bruce McGuire

Sign Waving Coordinator Debbie Haas

Youth for Bush Coordinator Adam Guillette

Teens for Bush Coordinator Brenna Antram

Party for the President and 72-Hour Coordinator Reba Shipp

Bush/Cheney Campaign Field Director  Brewster Bevis

Republican Party of Florida Field Director Taylor Beery

Poll Watcher Coordinator Jody Johnson

Precinct and Volunteer Coordinator Claudette Crouteau

Special Events Photographer Keith Moody

Event Coordinator Diane Hoffman

Event Coordinator Patty Smith