The Travels of Vice Pres. Dick Cheney -- May 2004
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Tallahassee, FL
Bentonville, AR
Hollis, NH
Bangor, ME
Boca Raton, FL
Orlando, FL
Pooler, GA
Winston-Salem, NC
New London, CT
Houston, TX
Waco, TX
Longview, TX
Little Rock, AR
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Note: This calendar is based on publicly available information from the campaign, the RNC, the White House, and news accounts.  The calendar above shows scheduled stops.  The listing below includes impromptu stops and other details, again based on publicly available information.  See also: Travels of President George W. Bush; Travels of First Lady Laura Bush.


Sat. May 1, 2004
-DC remarks at the Florida State University commencement ceremony in Tallahassee, FL.
-LC delivers the 108th commencement address at Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH.

Sun. May 2, 2004

Mon. May 3, 2004
-DC and LC travel to Arkansas.  DC delivers remarks to the employees of the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Bentonville, AR.
-DC attends RNC Victory 2004 event in Washington, DC.  (Raises $550,000).

Tues. May 4, 2004

Wed. May 5, 2004
Washington, DC   -remarks at 16th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner.

Thurs. May 6, 2004
Fri. May 7, 2004
Sat. May 8, 2004
Sun. May 9, 2004

Mon. May 10, 2004
-DC remarks at Diamond Casting and Machine Tool Company in Hollis, NH.
-DC remarks at a Bush-Cheney '04 rally at Bangor International Airport in Bangor, ME.

Tues. May 11, 2004
DC does telephonic Interview with Tony Snow, Fox News.
-LC speaks at the Northwest Arkansas Lincoln Day Dinner at the Springdale Convention Center in Springdale, AR. ($)

Wed. May 12, 2004
Thurs. May 13, 2004

Fri. May 14, 2004
-DC remarks at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, Siemens Campus in Boca Raton, FL.
-DC attends RNC Victory 2004 event at the Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando, FL.  (Raises $300,000).

Sat. May 15, 2004
Sun. May 16, 2004

Mon. May 17, 2004
-DC remarks at a luncheon for Congressman Max Burns at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler, GA.  (Raises $175,000).
-DC remarks at a reception for Senate candidate Congressman Richard Burr at Salem Academy and College in Winston-Salem, NC.  (Raises $175,000).

Tues. May 18, 2004

Wed. May 19, 2004
-DC delivers address at the 122nd Commencement Exercise of the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.

Thurs. May 20, 2004
-DC meets with Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis at the White House in Washington, DC.
-LC speaks on the No Child Left Behind Act at an event sponsored by the Manhattan Institute at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City.

Fri. May 21, 2004
-DC remarks at a breakfast for Congressional candidate Judge Ted Poe at the Houstonian Hotel in Houston, TX.  (Raises $220,000).
-DC remarks at a luncheon for Congressional candidate Arlene Wohlgemuth at the Waco Convention Center in Waco, TX.  (Raises over $300,000).
-DC remarks at a reception for Congressional candidate Judge Louis Gohmert at the Maude Cobb Convention Center in Longview, TX.  ($)
-LC delivers remarks at a rally sponsored by Larry Diedrich for Congress at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, SD.
-LC delivers remarks at the Republican Party of Wisconsinís State Convention in La Crosse, WI.

Sat. May 22, 2004
Sun. May 23, 2004

Mon. May 24, 2004
-DC attends RNC Victory 2004 event at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock, AR.  (Raises $400,000).

Tues. May 25, 2004
Wed. May 26, 2004
Thurs. May 27, 2004
Fri. May 28, 2004
Sat. May 29, 2004
Sun. May 30, 2004
Mon. May 31, 2004

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