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January 2003
Wed. Jan. 1

Thurs. Jan. 2 Sen. John Edwards announces on the "Today" show from his home in Raleigh, NC and in a subsequent press conference that he is filing papers to establish presidential exploratory committee.

Fri. Jan. 3

Sat. Jan. 4

Sun. Jan. 5

Mon. Jan. 6 -Rep. Dick Gephardt files papers establishing a presidential exploratory committee (issued statement on Jan. 4).
-RNC announces New York City as site for 2004 convention.

Tues. Jan. 7 Sen. Tom Daschle rules out a 2004 presidential run in a statement and press conference.

Wed. Jan. 8

Thurs. Jan. 9

Fri. Jan. 10

Sat. Jan. 11

Sun. Jan. 12

Mon. Jan. 13 Sen. Joe Lieberman announces his candidacy at Stamford High School in Stamford, CT.

Tues. Jan. 14

Wed. Jan. 15

Thurs. Jan. 16

Fri. Jan. 17

Sat. Jan. 18 -Gov. Dean, Rep. Gephardt and Sen. Kerry at the Linn County Democratic Sustaining Club Banquet in Marion, IA.
-Anti-war demonstrations in Washington, DC and San Francisco.

Sun. Jan. 19

Mon. Jan. 20

Tues. Jan. 21 -Rev. Al Sharpton files papers at the FEC establishing exploratory committee.
-NARAL Pro-Choice America dinner commemorating the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, in Washington, DC.  All six announced Democratic candidates--Dean, Edwards, Gephardt, Kerry, Lieberman and Sharpton--speak.

Wed. Jan. 22

Thurs. Jan. 23 Sen. Bob Graham announces he will have surgery the week of February 3 to replace a damaged valve in his heart; he had planned to announce his candidacy on February 3.

Fri. Jan. 24

Sat. Jan. 25

Sun. Jan. 26

Mon. Jan. 27

Tues. Jan. 28 President Bush delivers State of the Union address.

Wed. Jan. 29 RNC Winter Meeting, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC  Jan. 29-Feb. 1.

Thurs. Jan. 30 RNC Winter Meeting, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC  Jan. 29-Feb. 1.

Fri. Jan. 31 -RNC Winter Meeting, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC  Jan. 29-Feb. 1.
-Sen. Graham has surgery to replace his aortic valve.

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