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Highlights on the Road to the White House
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February 2004
Sun. Feb. 1
Mon. Feb. 2
Tues. Feb. 3 Primaries: Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Carolina, Delaware.  Caucuses: New Mexico, North Dakota.
-Sen. Joe Lieberman announces his withdrawal from the campaign.
Wed. Feb. 4
Thurs. Feb. 5
Fri. Feb. 6 Democrats Abroad caucuses begin.
Sat. Feb. 7 Michigan caucuses, Washington precinct caucuses.
Sun. Feb. 8 Maine municipal caucuses.
Mon. Feb. 9
Tues. Feb. 10 Primaries: Tennessee, Virginia.
Wed. Feb. 11 -Gen. Wesley Clark formally announces his withdrawal from the campaign.
Thurs. Feb. 12
Fri. Feb. 13
Sat. Feb. 14 Nevada precinct caucusesDC ward caucuses.
Sun. Feb. 15 "Wisconsin Presidential Debate 2004" at Marquette University in Milwaukee.
Mon. Feb. 16
Tues. Feb. 17 Wisconsin primary.
-Special election in KY-6, seat formerly held by Ernie Fletcher (R).  A.B. "Ben" Chandler (D) defeats Alice Forgy Kerr (R) by 55.1% to 42.9%. 
Wed. Feb. 18 -Gov. Howard Dean announces his withdrawal from the campaign.
Thurs. Feb. 19
Fri. Feb. 20
Sat. Feb. 21
Sun. Feb. 22 -Ralph Nader announces he will run as an independent on NBC's "Meet the Press."
Mon. Feb. 23
Tues. Feb. 24 Utah primary. Idaho caucuses. Hawaii caucuses.
Wed. Feb. 25
Thurs. Feb. 26 Democratic presidential debate organized by the Los Angeles Times and CNN at USC in Los Angeles, CA.
Fri. Feb. 27
Sat. Feb. 28
Sun. Feb. 29 CBS/WCBS/New York Times debate in New York, NY.