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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Kerry's the choice

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is a man of experience in foreign and domestic affairs and that counts in an increasingly complex world.

That is one reason that he is The Cabinet's choice for the Democratic nomination for president in the Jan. 27 First in the Nation New Hampshire Primary.

While he did support President Bush's imprudent invasion of Iraq, Sen. Kerry has pledged to work closely with our allies and the United Nations to solve the problems facing us as we try to help Iraqis rebuild their country. "We have to be prepared to be a partner in the global community," the senator recently told The Cabinet's editorial board. We couldn't agree more, and we hope the senator isn't merely talking about Iraq. America will never be safe from terrorist attacks until the people of the world see us as a partner.

Among Kerry's many other strong positions is his pledge to roll back President Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy.  Unlike Vermont's Howard Dean, one of his major challengers for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Kerry would allow middle class voters to retain their tax cuts, such as they were.

The senator has a $75 billion plan to significantly lower the cost of health insurance, funded in part by the rollback of tax cuts for the wealthy. It would include a $35 billion federal fund to pay 75 percent of catastrophic cases.

He would allow people 55-64 to buy into Medicare early and allow others to buy into the congressional insurance plan; he would allow bulk purchasing of prescription drugs; he would reduce America1s dependence upon foreign oil by providing tax incentives for those willing to break from reliance on fossil fuels.

He pledges to close tax loopholes that have made taking jobs offshore profitable and would create healthcare and tax incentives for companies that create jobs in the U.S.

We believe it is much more beneficial to the nation to have in the White House an insider like Sen. Kerry who knows how to get things.

These are the reasons Democrats should select John Kerry as their nominee. They are also the reasons the nation should select him over President Bushin November.

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Sen. Kerry came in and met with the Cabinet Press ed. board in early January.  Sen. Lieberman also met with the ed. board, and The Cabinet's editorMichael Cleveland covered a major event of Sen. Edwards.  Cleveland liked Kerrys answers on issues such as the environment and thought he was the best choice; hemet with Cabinet Press publisher Frank P. Manley and controller Martha R. Manley and outlined his thinking in terms of supporting Kerry; they thought about it over the weekend.