The Dominion Post [Morgantown, WV]:

Sunday, October 31, 2004 

We need to unite behind president

The Dominion Post endorses Bush for a second term in White House
Former President Harry Truman, the plain-speaking, common-sense president who ended World War II by decisive action, said of his office: "The buck stops here."

Indeed it does when one sits in the Oval Office, running the most powerful nation in the world.

The task is daunting, to say the least. Therefore, the election of president of the United States is a serious matter, not only here but all around the world. The impact will be felt globally.

We do not pretend to have all of the answers to the problems that face us. We have not personally sat down with the candidates as we were able to do with most of the people running for statewide office.

Therefore, we can only endorse based on what we've read, heard, or seen through national media outlets. It is an inexact science.

We wish there was a clear-cut choice, a candidate who could truly unite a nation. But obviously, with polls showing the race neck-and-neck, we don't have that luxury.

What we have is a man who has presided over the worst attack on U.S. soil and responded in a way this country never has; attacking before being attacked. We have another man who a generation ago went to war for his country and came back to criticize his country.

We have a man with a record of voting for tax increases as a senator and we have a man who as president gave tax breaks to the middle class with the repeal of the "marriage tax penalty," the enactment of a family rebate, and the rolling back of the inheritance tax.

We have a man who has tried to improve the economy with tax cuts to businesses so they can provide more jobs, a philosophy that the state's gubernatorial candidates profess, as compared to another man who has promised higher taxes to those who provide jobs.

Despite the concerns of all citizens, which also concern us, we still believe that George W. Bush is the best candidate to run this country for the next four years.

Frankly, we just don't think John Kerry, the Democratic candidate, has demonstrated, either in past public service or in present plans, a clearer solution.

America is a country that can accomplish anything it puts its mind behind.

We were unified after Sept. 11. We were united when we first invaded Iraq. Now we're emerging divided from a bitterly fought battle for president that has only pleased radio-talk show hosts and the terrorists who seek our demise.

We have problems but all are solvable if we unite.

Winston Churchill, the great prime minister of England who galvanized the Brits during World War II, said this when asked what he would tell President Franklin Roosevelt if the United States entered the war against Nazi Germany:

"Here is the answer which I will give to President Roosevelt - We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire. Neither the sudden shock of battle nor the long-drawn trials of vigilance and exertion will wear us down. Give us the tools and we will do the job."

That's the resolve this country needs now, no matter the president. We face serious threats to our way of life. We need to meet them head on and we feel George W. Bush is our best bet.

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