Some Opening Shots in the General Election Campaign
After Sen. John Kerry effectively, if not numerically, secured the Democratic nomination with his strong showings in the March 2, 2004 Super Tuesday contests, the eight-month general election began.
Republican National Committee  
March 5, 2004 Press Release:

Kerry vs Kerry: Go 30 Rounds with Sen. Kerry's Voting Record

Washington, DC—The RNC today unveiled Kerry Vs. Kerry, an interactive Internet game designed to give voters a chance to go toe-to-toe with Senator Kerry’s voting record. For thirty rounds, players can flip for Kerry’s 2003 statement in support of getting rid of the marriage penalty for middle class Americans, then flop for Kerry’s 1998 vote against eliminating the marriage penalty. 

There’s round seven for Kerry’s 1996 opposition for the death penalty for terrorists, and for his 2002 reversal supporting the death penalty for terrorists. Round 9 features Kerry’s 1992 statement calling affirmative action “divisive” and his 2004 denial that he ever said it. 

“If voters are interested in finding out about Senator Kerry’s multiple positions on multiple issues they can inform themselves by going a few rounds with Kerry Vs. Kerry. We think they’ll find the only thing consistent about Senator Kerry’s record is its inconsistency,” said RNC Communications Director Jim Dyke. 

“Voters will be enlightened and entertained as they click to flip and then flop with Senator Kerry on all the important issues of the day. From taxes to national security to education, if you have a position, chances are good Senator Kerry has shared that position, and also opposed it, at some point in his Senate career. We invite voters to take a closer look, and have a little fun at the same time,” Dyke said. 

John Kerry for President  
March 9, 2004 Press Release:

Kerry Campaign Chair Awards Bush the “Herbert Hoover Award”

Washington, DC – Today as President Bush handed out awards at the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality awards ceremony,
Kerry Campaign Chairwoman Jeanne Shaheen awarded George Bush the “Herbert Hoover Award” for presiding over the
worst record on jobs of any president in American history.

“Since the president is handing out awards today, we wanted to give him one,” said Governor Shaheen.   “So, on behalf of the nearly 3 million people who have lost their jobs under this administration, we are awarding George Bush the first ever ‘Herbert Hoover Award’ for having the worst jobs record since the Great Depression.  It’s a special award reserved for presidents that have somehow managed to lose jobs on their watch.  The American people need to know that their president has failed to lead on jobs, and that John Kerry is running for president to change the direction of this economy and get people back to work.”