Cattle Call Watch
From Jan. 2002
Large gatherings of Democratic activists provide a tempting draw for Democratic presidential candidates.  The activists size up the candidates in a manner comparable to the way potential buyers at a cattle auction size up the animals, hence the name cattle call.  This page lists some of the cattle calls but is not intended to be a complete list.

National Conference of Democratic Mayors
Washington, DC
Jan. 23, 2003
NARAL Dinner 30th Anniversary Roe v. Wade Jan. 21, 2003
2002 DLC National Conversation >
New York, NY
July 28-30, 2002 Daschle, Lieberman, Kerry, Edwards, Gephardt , HRClinton
Florida Democratic Party 2002 State Conference
Orlando, FL
April 12-14, 2002 Edwards, Gore, Kerry, Lieberman, Dodd
California Democratic Party State Convention >
Los Angeles, CA
Feb. 15-17, 2002 Daschle, Kerry, Edwards, Davis
1. Sometimes candidates or prospective candidates show up at different parts of an event.  At the DNC Winter Meeting in Washington, DC Jan. 17-19, 2002, Gephardt spoke to the general session, Dean and Edwards addressed the College Democrats, and Lieberman popped in at some caucuses.  When National Stonewall Democrats held a reception and awards ceremony in Washington, DC on March 20, 2002, Dean was a featured speaker, but Gephardt and Kerry also made remarks.  Dean, Gephardt and Edwards all spoke at Campaign for America's Future's "Reclaiming America" conference in Washington on April 12, 2002.


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