Charges Fly in Last Weeks of the Campaign
Examples of Allegations of Fraud, Intimidation, Disenfranchisement

Republicans charge DNC is making fraudulent phone calls claiming that Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf has endorsed Senator Kerry; Democrats strongly reject charge (11/1/04)

"Milwaukee Black Voters League" flyer (approx. wk of 10/21-28/04)

Bush-Cheney '04 General Counsel Tom Josefiak letter on ballot mail integrity (Bush-Cheney '04, 10/20/04)

Kerry-Edwards' Colorado Election Day Manual (from Republican National Committee, 10/14/04)

ACORN Voter Registration Fraud Allegations (Employment Policies Institute, 10/13/04)

A fake America Votes (from America Votes, 10/13/04)

On October 5, 2004 union members staged a coordinated action in 16 states, invading Bush-Cheney offices to protest Bush's overtime policies.  This led Republicans to charge intimidation and, needless to say, did not generate favorable press coverage.

Election Protection Coalition
Led by People for the American Way Foundation.

No Stolen Elections (
The "No Stolen Elections" campaign was initiated in September of 2004 as a joint project of United for Peace & Justice, Global Exchange, Code Pink, and The Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution.