DATE: February 2, 2004  CONTACT: Bill Buck
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*Little Rock* - Fifty-five former U.S. ambassadors and diplomats, women and men who have served in some 36 countries during the last four administrations, believe that Wesley K. Clark is the right choice to lead America at this critical time in the world.

 "Serving as representatives of the United States has allowed each of us to meet with world leaders and see what terrific leadership looks like," said Cynthia Schneider, Ambassador to the Netherlands and co-chair of Ambassadors for Clark.  "We know that the world is more interconnected than ever before, and so the impact of good and bad leadership impacts America and the world more than ever before. Wes Clark appreciates that and ambassadors understand the interconnectedness of the world and the critical need for a new leader to repair and strengthen our global ties."

"I am thrilled by the endorsement of those that have the respect of world leaders on every continent," Wesley Clark said. "They understand the importance of rebuilding America's alliances and restoring our country to a position of leadership based on cooperation and respect."

Ambassadors and Diplomats for Clark grew out of the unique phenomena of the Draft Wesley Clark movement. Not only did Wes Clark receive encouragement to run from thousands of individuals from across the U.S., the letters of support came from people, both U.S. citizens and citizens of many other nations, who understand that Wes Clark is the person we need to lead America at this crucial moment in history.  The full list of ambassadors and diplomats is below.

    1. Morton Abramowitz, Ambassador to Turkey and Thailand, Assistant Secretary of State
    2. Brady Anderson, Ambassador to Tanzania.
    3. Christopher Ashby, Ambassador to Uruguay.
    4. Jeff Bader, Ambassador to Namibia, Senior Director National Security Agency
    5. Robert Barry, Administrator, Agency for International Development; Head, OSCE
    6. J.D. Bindenagel, Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues.
    7. Donald Blinken, Ambassador to Hungary
    8. Amy Bondurant, Ambassador to OECD
    9. Avis Bohlen, Ambassador to Bulgaria, Assistant Secretary of State
   10. George Bruno, Ambassador to Belize
   11. Paul Cejas, Ambassador to Belgium
   12. Tim Chorba, Ambassador to Singapore
   13. Bonnie Cohen, Under Secretary of State
   14. Nancy Ely-Raphel, Ambassador to Slovenia
   15. Ralph Earle, Deputy Director of State, Chief U.S. Negotiator, SALT II Treaty
   16. Thomas H. Fox, Assistant Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development
   17. Mary Mel French, Chief of Protocol
   18. Edward Gabriel, Ambassador to Morocco
   19. Richard Gardner, Ambassador to Italy & Spain
   20. Robert Gelbard, Ambassador to Indonesia & Bolivia, Assistant Secretary of State
   21. Gordon Giffin, Ambassador to Canada
   22. Lincoln Gordon, Ambassador to Brazil, Assistant Secretary of State
   23. Anthony Harrington, Ambassador to Brazil
   24. John Holum, Under Secretary of State
   25. William J. Hughes, Ambassador to Panama
   26. Swanee Hunt, Ambassador to Austria
   27. James Joseph, Ambassador to South Africa
   28. Rodney Minott, Ambassador to Sweden
   29. John McDonald, Ambassador to the United Nations
   30. Stan McLelland, Ambassador to Jamaica
   31. Gerald McGowan, Ambassador to Portugal
   32. Arthur Mudge, Mission Director for Agency for International Development
   33. Lyndon Olson, Ambassador to Sweden
   34. Donald Petterson, Ambassador to the Sudan, Tanzania & Somalia
   35. Kathryn Proffitt, Ambassador to Malta
   36. Edward Romero, Ambassador to Spain & Andorra
   37. James Rosapepe, Ambassador to Romania
   38. Nancy Rubin, United Nations Commission on Human Rights
   39. James Rubin, Assistant Secretary of State
   40. David Sandalow, Assistant Secretary of State
   41. Howard Schaffer, Ambassador to Bangladesh, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
   42. Teresita Schaffer, Ambassador to Sri Lanka & Maldives
   43. David Scheffer, Ambassador at Large for War Crimes
   44. Cynthia Schneider, Ambassador to the Netherlands.
   45. Derek Shearer, Ambassador to Finland
   46. Richard Schifter, Assistant Secretary of State
   47. Thomas Siebert, Ambassador to Sweden
   48. Richard Sklar, Ambassador to the United Nations
   49. Peter Tarnoff, Under Secretary of State
   50. Peter Tufo, Ambassador to Hungary
   51. Arturo Valenzuela, Senior Director, National Security Council
   52. William Walker, Ambassador to El Salvador & Argentina, Head, Kosovo Verification Mission
   53. Vernon Weaver, Ambassador to the European Union
   54. Phoebe L. Yang, Special Coordinator for China Rule of Law, State Department
   55. Andrew Young, Ambassador to the United Nations


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