Wesley Clark-Campaign Organization, North Dakota

Clark for President North Dakota Leadership

Campaign Headquarters: 1129 19th Avenue N, Fargo
North Dakota State Director John Marshall
(on the ground in Fargo Nov. 30, 2003)  Marshall has over 30 years of political experience in national and statewide races.  Most recently he served as campaign manager for the Max Baer for Supreme Court race in Pennsylvania in 2003; in 2002 he served as the Western Pennsylvania Coordinator for Ed Rendell for Governor.  Marshall served in the Clinton/Gore White House from 1993-2001 advancing President Clinton and Secretary of Defense William Cohen throughout the world.  He was part of the Clinton/Gore '92 and '96 national staff.  Marshall is originally from Columbus, Ohio.
Field Coordinator Sean Ferguson
(started Jan. 12, 2004)  Ferguson is taking a leave from working in Sen. Kent Conrad's Fargo office.
Volunteer Coordinator Leslie Foss
(started Dec. 27, 2003)  Foss is a first year law student at North Dakota State University and is from Grand Forks.
GOTV Coordinator Mark Altenburg
(started late Dec. 2003)  Altenburg's family is from Fargo, and he graduated from North Dakota State University.

Mayor Tim Holte of Stanley  01/20/04
State Senators Carolyn Nelson and Ryan Taylor    01/04
Former Gov. George Skinner (served 1984-1992)   01/15/04
Tom Dickson, Chair of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL State Party   01/14/04
State Representative Merle Boucher, Minority Leader in the North Dakota House    01/04


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