Wesley Clark-Campaign Organization, New Hampshire

Clark for President New Hampshire Leadership

Campaign Headquarters: 60 Rogers Street, Manchester 
(former Graham headquarters; moved in mid-October)
New Hampshire State Director Steve Bouchard
(announced Oct. 10, 2003)  Bouchard served as New Hampshire State Director of Sen. Bob Graham's campaign from March 17, 2003 until Graham withdrew on October 6, 2003.  In 2002 Bouchard was deputy campaign manager of Tony Sanchez's gubernatorial campaign in Texas.  He was field director for Mark Warner's campaign for governor of Virginia in 2000-2001.  Bouchard worked for Sen. Bob Kerrey's BACK PAC on the national level in 1999 and as NH director in 1998 as Kerrey considered a presidential campaign.  Previously, he served in various capacities in NH Democratic politics, including communications director for the House Democrats, House Caucus director, chairman of the Hillsborough County Democrats, chairman of the 1st CD for the NHDP, and activity in numerous local and state campaigns.


Field Director James Migliaccio
Deputy Chief of Staff for Sen. Chuck Robb, and served as political director on his 2000 re-election bid.  He also has worked on field operations in Virginia, South Carolina and Texas.
Deputy Field Director David Moore
Previously NH deputy field director for the Graham campaign from its beginning.  Worked on the Tony Sanchez gubernatorial campaign in 2002 and is a graduate of Brown University. 
Deputy Field Director Chris Smith
Previously Manchester region field organizer for the Graham campaign.  2001 graduate of MIT with degree in Political Science.

F I E L D   O F F I C E S

Regional Director: Joel Gagne --
Regional Coordinator: Andrew Lussen --
Regional Coordinator: Raul Bernal --
Regional Coordinator: Pat Bataillon --
Regional Coordinator: Libby Reder --
Regional Coordinator: Seth Bindernagel --

266 Central Avenue, Dover (initially was Draft Clark office)

Regional Director: Charlie Galemmo -- from Dover, quit his job as a chef to work on the Draft Clark movement (source: Concord Monitor)
Regional Coordinator: Mike Banyus

80 Main Street, Berlin

Regional Director: Zachary Heineman -- 

40 N. Main Street, Concord (announced Dec. 5, 2003)

Regional Director: Amy Ward --
Regional Coordinator: Dan Wachtel --

16 Route 111, Building 2, Unit 5, Derry (announced Dec. 5, 2003)

Regional Director: David Yoken -- One of the founders of the Draft Clark movement in Massachusetts.  Graduate of Brandeis University.
Regional Coordinators: Jeremy Mullen --
Regional Coordinator: Liz Packard --

44 South Main Street, Hanover (announced Dec. 5, 2003)

Regional Director: Heather Hargreaves -- Worked as a NH field organizer for the Graham campaign. 
Regional Coordinator: Chris Baumgartner -- 

376 Union Avenue, Suite 7, Laconia (announced Dec. 5, 2003)

Regional Director: Evan Hutchison -- Prior to the campaign Hutchison was working as a paralegal at a law firm in New York; he helped with some of the early fundraisers there in Sept. 2003.  In 2002 he worked on the Sanchez campaign doing GOTV in Tayor County (Abeline).  Hutchison spent time in Quito working towards a Masters degree.  He is a 2000 Columbia graduate with a degree in Religion.
Regional Coordinator: Jeannette Fields -- Resident of Northfield, NH.  Textile designer.  Fields has never been involved in a campaign beyond voting.  She heard Clark on the Diane Rehm show in July 2003 and hooked up with Susan Putney of the Draft movement.

71 Spitbrook Road, Ste. 309, Nashua (announced Dec. 5, 2003)

Regional Director: Colin Mahoney --
Regional Coordinator: Cecily Vizas --
Regional Coordinator: Josh Kurland --
Regional Coordinator: Sirin Bidel Niyat --

10 Commercial Alley, Portsmouth (announced Dec. 5, 2003)

Regional Director: Peter Knudsen -- Worked as a NH field organizer for the Graham campaign.  Prior to that Knudsen worked for two years as a legislative correspondent for Congressman Mike Honda.  Originally from Milwaukee.
Regional Coordinator: Sue Mayer -- Resident of Lee, NH.  Started as a volunteer late in the draft movement.  Most recently working on a dissertation on medieval Europe (ninth century Saxony), Mayer holds four degrees including a Master's in German.  Originally from New York State.

217 Old Homestead Row, Swanzey (Cheshire County)  (office opening Dec. 6, 2003)

Regional Director: Tucker McDonald -- McDonald came to New Hampshire in May 2003 for the Graham campaign and ultimately held a similar position before that campaign ended in early October.  Previously he worked at GalleryWatch.com in Austin.  In 2002 he worked on the Tony Sanchez gubernatorial campaign as a city organizer in Dallas.
Regional Coordinator: Liz Sumner --
Regional Coordinator: David Cohen --
Chairman of Clark's Cheshire County Steering Committee: Dan Burnham, former state Rep. from Dublin


New Hampshire Communications Director Mo Elleithee
(announced Dec. 5, 2003, replacing Bill Buck who moved on to become national press secretary in Little Rock) 
Elleithee served as one of the press secretaries on Bob Graham's campaign starting August 18, 2003.  In 2002 he was campaign manager for Janet Reno during her primary campaign for governor and he worked on Bill McBride's general election campaign.  He worked on the Mark Warner for Governor campaign in 2001 and on the Chuck Robb for Senate campaign in 2000.  Elleithee served as New Hampshire press secretary for Bill Bradley's presidential campaign.  In 1998 he worked on the Tom Udall for Congress campaign in New Mexico and the Paul Johnson for Governor campaign in Arizona. 
Deputy Press Secretary Kristina Saunders
Served as deputy press secretary for Bob Graham's New Hampshire campaign until it ended in October.  Assistant campaign manager on Mark Fernald's 2002 gubernatorial campaign in NH, Aug.-Nov. 2002.  Scheduling director for Steve Grossman's campaign for the 2002 Democratic nomination for governor of Massachusetts. 

Bill Buck was announced as New Hampshire Communications Director on Oct. 23,  2003.  On December 5 he was named National Press Secretary.  Buck worked in New Hampshire for Clinton for President in 1992, Clinton/Gore in 1996 and Gore 2000.  Deputy press secretary at the DNC through 2002; spokesperson for the Gore/Lieberman campaign in Florida and continuing through the recount, 2000; spokesperson for Domestic Finance at the Treasury Department, 1999; deputy communications director at the Commerce Department for Sec. Daley; press secretary for Clinton/Gore in Memphis, TN, 1996. 
Opposition Research Owen Murphy



Political Director Dudley Dudley
From Durham.  Former New Hampshire Executive Councilor, former New Hampshire State Legislator and DNC Delegate.
Deputy Political Director Patty Criner
(started in NH Oct. 2003)


Scheduler Jane Manners
(Oct. 2003) Prior to joining the campaign Manners worked as a senior program associate in Governance and Public Policy in the U.S. Programs division of George Soros' Open Society Institute in New York.  Previously she was a staff writer for Brill's Content.  BA from Harvard, 1997.
Assistant Scheduler Dave Kuennen



Nelson Peacock and Rob Walker



Policy Director Cristina Posa

Outreach Coordinator/Campus Outreach Dave Rubin
One of the founders of the Draft Clark movement in Massachusetts.  2001 graduate of Brandeis University.
Director of Organization Ron Hickel

Volunteer Coordinator Kevin Bowe

Office Manager Abbe Ross
Served as NH Office Manager for Graham for President campaign starting Aug. 18, 2003.  Formerly voter file manager and intern coordinator at the NHDP.  Graduated from Rivier College in Nashua, May 2003.
Senior Advisor Mike Sponder

Senior Advisor-Veterans Eric Massa
A lifelong Republican.  In Oct. 2003 resigned from position on the majority staff of the House Armed Services Committee, chaired by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.).  Was a top aide to Gen. Clark when Clark was NATO supreme commander. 

Clark for President New Hampshire Co-Chairs:
Amb. George Bruno – former Ambassador to Belize, former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman, Democratic National Committee member  [Manchester attorney.  U.S. Ambassador to Belize, 1994-98.  Co-chair of Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign.  Former chair of the NHDP.  Organizer and first head of New Hampshire Legal Assistance, 1971-76. LL.B. from George Washington University (1967).  B.A. in Government and American History from Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY (1964)].

Dudley Dudley – former New Hampshire Executive Councilor, former New Hampshire State Legislator and DNC Delegate  [As a freshman legislator in 1973 she helped lead the fight to build a huge oil refinery on Durham Point].

Jim Normand – former New Hampshire Executive Councilor, former New Hampshire State Representative 
[President of the Manchester law firm Normand and Shaughnessy.  Lifelong resident of New Hampshire.  Elected to the NH State House in 1973 at age 20 while a sophomore at UNH.  Graduated from Boston University School of Law in 1980. more]

Susan Putney – founder of the Draft Clark organization in New Hampshire

Steering Committee of Endorsers:
Steering Committee Co-Chair  Dr. Sylvio Dupuis - former Mayor of Manchester, former New Hampshire Commissioner of Health and Welfare, interim President Notre Dame College in Manchester, NH

Steering Committee Co-Chair  Katie Wheeler - former New Hampshire State Senator

Susan Alfin – legal counsel to the campaign, former assistant Merrimack County prosecutor

Pat Ayers – retired Executive Director World Affairs Council, retired foreign service officer

Jane Beaulieu – Manchester Conservation Commission, community activist

J.P. Boyle – Chair, Students for Clark, University of New Hampshire

Dr. Jay Buckey – Dartmouth Medical School Professor, member of 1998 crew of Space Shuttle Columbia

Bill Cashin – former Manchester Alderman

Mike Contarino – University of New Hampshire, Manchester Associate Professor of Political Science; former Economic Affairs Officer for the United Nations World Food Council in Rome

Pat Duffy – former New Hampshire Commissioner of Administration, former chairman Manchester Airport Authority

Mark Fernald – the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in 2002    **campaign chairman for the 2nd CD

Rep. Christine Hamm – New Hampshire State Representative (Dist. 34- seven towns Bradford, Henniker, Hopkinton, Newbury, Sutton, Warner and Webster)

Bill Johnson – former New Hampshire State Senator, Commander US Navy (Ret.)

Dan Lyman – Manchester attorney

Kathleen Somssich – Portsmouth Democratic activist

-Veterans Leadership (announced Nov. 18, 2003)
New Hampshire Veterans for Clark
Chair: Dick Eklund – West Point classmate of Clark's.
New Hampshire Veterans Advisory Council
Jim McKinnon – organized Veterans for Bush during the 2000 camapign; former state commander of the New Hampshire VFW.
Paul Martineau – current commander of the Manchester American Legion.

-On December 6, 2003 the campaign announced its Cheshire County Steering Committee, chaired by Dan Burnham, former state Rep. from Dublin.

-On December 19, 2003 state Rep. Marjorie Smith of Durham, Assistant Democratic Whip endorsed Clark.

-January 19, 2004: Wes Clark's NH Campaign by the Numbers.

The Draft Movement
Susan Putney was one of the most active of the draft Clark activists in the country.  On May 12 she presented Clark with a thousand letters urging him to run.  Then, working with Draft Clark 2004, she led the team that opened a field office in Dover over the July 4, 2003 weekend.

DraftWesleyClark.com ran radio ads in New Hampshire starting on May 29, 2003, and television ads starting the week of August 18, 2003.

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