Democratic Candidates Seek Labor Support
Eight Presidential Hopefuls Address Building Trades Legislative Conference
John J. Dougherty, General President of the Plasters and Cement Masons and Michael Sullivan, General President of the Sheet Metal Workers, applaud during one of the candidate's speeches.

April 9, 2003--Eight of the nine candidates spoke at the presidential forum held on the final day of the Building and Construction Trades Department's 2003 Legislative Conference in Washington, DC.  The Building and Construction Trades Department, part of the AFL-CIO, brings together 15 affiliated unions.  Over 2,000 tradesmen and women attended the conference, which was themed "Stand Up, Fight On!" 
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The AFL-CIO in February urged national unions "to refrain from endorsing presidential candidates until the federation is prepared to consider this question," and Building Trades President Edward C. Sullivan said the purpose of the forum was "to listen and learn."  Nonetheless, in an event at the end of the conference, the Iron Workers, under General President Joseph Hunt, became the first national union to endorse a candidate, announcing their support of Rep. Gephardt. 


 [Posted April 18, 2003]


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