Campaign for America's Future's "Reclaiming America" Conference
Washington, DC--April 11, 2002.  Gov. Dean was one of three presidential prospects to address the Campaign for America's Future's "Reclaiming America: A Conference on Progressive Strategies for the New Era."  (Rep. Gephardt and Sen. John Edwards also spoke to the group).  Dean began his remarks to this progressive group with the provocative statement, "I'm a fiscal conservative."  He went on to explain, "I'm here because I think social justice can't be accomplished without a balanced budget."  Dean also took a very strong stand against the Bush tax cuts ("The first thing we need to do is roll back those tax cuts.")  Earlier, Dean met with leaders of the National Jewish Democratic Council, and he arrived late for this event.  

The Campaign for America's Future, a progressive group founded in 1996 and co-directed by Robert Borosage and Roger Hickey, is something of a progressive counterbalance to the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, although it has much more limited resources.

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