Howard Dean-Campaign Organization, Arizona
Dean for America  
On May 30, 2002, Dean mailed the FEC papers establishing Dean for America, a presidential campaign committee.  Dean for America is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont.  Joe Trippi became national campaign director on March 3, 2003 and national campaign manager starting April 7, 2003 and continuing until he left the campaign on Jan. 28, 2004; Roy Neel then took over as CEO.
Dean for America Arizona Leadership
Campaign Headquarters: 3105 N 24th Street, Phoenix (opened Sept. 5, 2003)
Tucson Office: 4639 E. First St.  (opened Dec. 8, 2003)
Bisbee (Cochise County) Office: 821B Hwy. 92  (opened Dec. 19, 2003)
Arizona State Director Frank T. Costanzo
(Started volunteering in March 2003; started July 15, 2003; officially announced mid-Aug. 2003)  Costanzo is providing overall campaign advisory services through his consulting company, FTC & Associates, Inc.  Since the mid-1980s he has done consulting work on start-ups and turn-arounds.  He is educational coordinator for the Arizona Democratic Party, and has also served as the party's finance chair.  Before moving to Arizona, Costanzo lived in New York, where he served two terms as a legislator from Chautauqua County and helped lead urban renewal efforts in City of Jamestown.  Costanzo also has military experience as a U.S. Army officer, including a stint as a Nike Hercules Missile Commander.  He earned a B.A.from St. Bonaventure University and an M.A. from Keane College of New Jersey. 
Arizona Deputy State Director Alexis Tamerón
(Started in December 2003) Tamerón will provide liaison with unions, elected officials and prospective endorsers.  She most recently served as the Political Director for the Arizona State Democratic Party.  She previously held positions of Assistant Director of Compliance, Database Manager & Hispanic Outreach Director. Tamerón was elected Democratic National Committeewoman for the Young Democrats of America in August of 2003 and is now a member of the Democratic National Committee (and an uncommitted, super-delegate for the 2004 DNC Convention). In 2002, she was elected to serve as the statewide president of the Young Democrats of Arizona and was reelected to serve another year as president in January 2003. She is a member of the Arizona State Democratic Executive Committee.
Field Director Erica Henri
(Started with the campaign October 2003)  Henri is responsible for overseeing the direction of Field Organizers and volunteers statewide in the 2004 Arizona Democratic primary.  A San Francisco native, Henri came to Arizona directly from Washington, D.C. where she most recently served as fundraising consultant to the International Womenís Democracy Center.  She has also served as Special Projects Coordinator for the Childrenís Defense Fund and, from 1998 to 2002, worked as Political Director of the Womenís Campaign Fund.  Henri has a long history of political involvement at the national level and in California.  She is a veteran of four presidential campaigns. She also worked on the 1991 race of San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan, and subsequently served as Special Assistant in the Mayorís Citizensí Assistance Office.
Deputy Field Director Judy Lavendar
(Appointed in February 2003)  Lavendar has had a varied career.  She learned horse farming in Bluegrass country and has operated several successful horse operations, training both show and race horses, has worked as a freelance photographer and writer, and ran a private practice in art therapy.  In 1994 Lavendar became interested in politics and worked as a legislative aide for Sen. Elizabeth T. Stefanics in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  In 2002 she was an active volunteer for the Janet Napolitano gubernatorial campaign in Arizona.  Before joining the Dean for America campaign, she worked with the Tom Volgy For Mayor campaign in Tucson.  Lavendar earned a B.A. from the University of Kentucky and an M.A. from the George Washington University.
Office Manager Dave Lelsz, Ph.D.
(Started November 2003)  Lelsz was the Deputy Democratic Commissioner of Elections in Chautauqua County, New York and the Clerk of the Chautauqua County Legislature for the last three years. He served as the Executive Director of the Dallas County Democratic Party and was the Finance Director for the Regina Montoya Coggins for Congress Campaign in 2000. Lelsz earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and served his post doctoral fellowship at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Dallas, Texas. 
Southern Arizona Field Director Juan Camacho
(Started December 2003)  Camacho worked in various capacities for Congressman Raul Grijalva, including Get Out the Vote Coordinator during the 2002 election, and as his Campaign Field Director in 1988.  Camacho also served as Field Director for the Ibarra for Ward 1 campaign in Tucson in the mid Ď90s, and as Campaign Manager for the Ibarra for City Council campaign in 1999.  A native of Yuma, AZ, Camacho attended the University of Arizona.
Southern Arizona Assistant Field Director Peter Newton
(Started December 2003)  Newton has been a Precinct Committee Person for Precinct 181 in Pima County, Arizona, for the past year.  He carried petitions for the 2003 Tucson Transportation Initiative and canvassed the City of Tucson for Tom Volgy and Jose Ibarra. Because of his efforts to organize the Young Democrats of Pima County, he was recently elected to the Board of Democrats of Greater Tucson.  Newton studied at Washington University in St. Louis School of Architecture and is an architectural intern by training. 
Northern Arizona Field Director Tom Fry
(Started as a volunteer in Spring 2003; appointed to position in December 2003)  Fry, a freelance writer, became active with a small group in Flagstaff very early in the campaign, meeting monthly to discuss ways to promote Deanís campaign. Applying his experience in public relations, Fry oversaw all the advance and day-of press work for Gov. Deanís first Flagstaff visit in July. Fry organized Verde Valley 4 Dean, a volunteer effort to raise awareness among Democratic voters in western Yavapai County about Deanís record.
Dean Team Leader Program Director Ellen Terry
(Started as a volunteer October 2003, officially appointed December 2003)
Media Coordinator     Jodie Patterson

Advisory Board
Alfredo Gutierrez
Mary Judge Ryan
Carolyn Warner
Claire Sargent
Dr. Tariq Mian
Renz Jennings

African-American Outreach - Sandra Kennedy

Hispanic Outreach - Rosie Lopez and Esther Duran-Lumm

Northern Arizona Volunteers - Karen Turney

Fundraising - Cindy Cooke webmaster - Tom Ryan

So. Arizona GLBT - Amelia Craig-Cramer

Individual Donors - Jill Pennington

Vote by Mail Coordinator - Lois Pfau

Database Design - Robert Tu and Dave Keeler

Education Coordinator - Rex Scott

Hispanic translator - Cynthia Franklin

Special Events - Kathy Peper

Tabling - Catherine Miller

Constituency Outreach - Diane Watson

Graphic Design - Karen Piovaty and Lezlie Cox


County Coordinators
Cochise - Cochise County Coordinator
Coconino - Peggy Toomey Hamman
La Paz - Rodney Martin
Maricopa - Carolyn Maxon
Mojave - John and Janet Olson
Pima - a number of contacts (Rex Scott, media)
Pinal - Carolyn Badger, Betty Hughes
Santa Cruz - John and Jean Rogers
Yuma - Rodney Martin

and Legislative District Coordinators in all 30 Districts.

University of Arizona - Jonna Lopez, Shannon Randall
Arizona State University - Tony Cani
Northern Arizona University - Liz Navran


Endorsements  see
Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva   8/18/03 Elected to serve the newly created 7th CD in Nov. 2002.  Served on the Pima County Board of Supervisors, 1989-2002, including as chair 2000-02.  Born in Tucson, graduate of Sunnyside High School and University of Arizona.
Retired Congressman James McNulty Served 1982-84.  Author of Running Uphill.
Former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt
Secretary of Interior during the Clinton Administration; unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 1987-88; Governor of Arizona from 1978-87; State Attorney General from 1975-78. Presently of counsel in Latham & Watkins Washington D.C. law office.
Hattie Babbitt 12/16/03 Senior vice president of Hunt Alternatives Fund in Washington, D.C; former deputy administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development; U.S. ambassador to the Organization of American States from 1993-97.
Renz Jennings Former Corporation Commissioner
Tom Volgy 2003 Candidate for Mayor of Tucson (narrowly lost); Former Mayor
George Miller Former Mayor of Tucson
Carolyn Warner Former Superintendent of Public Instruction
Dino DeConcini Former Administrator of US Savings Bond
Jorge Garcia State Senator, LD 27
Linda Lopez State Representative, LD 29 
Phil Lopes State Representative, LD 27
Meg Burton Cahill State Representative, LD 17
Mary Judge Ryan Chief Deputy Pima County Attorney
Alfredo Gutierrez Businessperson, Former State Senator
Sandra Kennedy Former State Senator
Vera Berkman Secretary, AZ State Democratic Party
Lois Pfau Vice Chairwoman, AZ State Democratic Party
Peggy Toomey Vice Chairwoman, AZ State Democratic Party
Dan Mallar Sergeant-at-Arms, AZ State Democratic Party
Carolyn Maxon State Committee Person, AZ Democratic Party
Paul Cash AZ State Democratic Party CD committee Member
Dana Larsen Treasurer, Pima County Democratic Party


Early Organization
The Dean campaign was able to build upon a strong volunteer organization developed in the first part of 2003 under the leadership of Judy Lavendar, Arizona State Coordinator.  Frank Costanzo started as State Director in mid-July and the campaign was based out of his house in Phoenix until the headquarters opened in September.
Arizona State Coordinator Judy Lavendar

Advisory Board
Alfredo Gutierrez 
Mary Judge Ryan 
Carolyn Warner 
Claire Sargent
Dr. Tariq Mian
Renz Jennings

Afro-American Outreach  -- Sandra Kennedy
Northern Arizona Hispanic Outreach -- Rosie Lopez, Esther Duran-Lumm
Fundraising -- Cindy Cooke
Media Coordinator -- Jodi Patterson
Dean for Webmaster -- Tom Ryan
So. Arizona GLBT -- Amelia Craig-Cramer
Individual Donors -- Jill Pennington
Information Technology -- Michael Bryan
Database Design -- Robert Tu, Dave Keeler
Education Coordinator -- Rex Scott
Hispanic Translator -- Cynthia Franklin
Special Events -- Cathy Peper
Constituency Outreach -- Diane Watson
Office Manager -- Lois Pfau
Graphic Design --Karen Piovaty, Lezlie Cox
The DeanforAZ website went up in April 2003; Asad Mohamed did initial work; Tom Ryan and Marvel Stalcup have continued to build the site.  (Aug. 28, 2003)
Frank Costanzo and Judy Lavendar (Sept. 2003)

Phoenix Headquarters Office.

Bisbee Office.  >
Photos courtesy Dean for America.

In a post-primary note to supporters Frank Costanzo wrote:

"In the end, we achieved over 90% of the turnout goal we thought would be necessary to attain delegates for Governor Dean. However, the turnout was so high, that we did not meet the statewide goal of 15%. Although that is the case, we did secure three delegates and that is a major achievement for a state which was inundated by television advertising for the other candidates and where we were fighting national media unwilling to give a non-Washington insider a fair break.

"In any event, we have attained three delegates to be selected from Congressional Districts 4, 7 and 8. These will be selected in accordance with the Democratic State Party rules."

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