Howard Dean-Campaign Organization, California
Dean for America  
On May 30, 2002, Dean mailed the FEC papers establishing Dean for America, a presidential campaign committee.  Dean for America is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont.  Joe Trippi is national campaign manager.

Dean for America California Leadership

Dean for California
State Director Jude Barry
(announced Dec. 6, 2003)  Has worked in California politics and government for the last 15 years, most recently serving as Chief of Staff to San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales.  In 2001, Jude and Joe Trippi co-founded Catapult Strategies, Inc., a firm specializing in politics, policy, and technology.  Barry's career began in Washington, DC, in 1984 as a press aide and deputy political director in the office of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.  He later worked on the Gary Hart presidential campaign.  In 1988 he was the national budget director for Richard Gephardt’s presidential bid.  Jude set up Governor Howard Dean’s first visits to California for his presidential exploratory efforts in early 2002, and he served as a senior advisor to the campaign since early 2003.
State Chair Richard Jacobs
(announced December 6, 2003)  Since 1999, Jacobs has managed money and businesses for a Forbes 400 family in Los Angeles.  From 1991-1998, Jacobs was President and CEO of Newstar, Inc., an investment and advisory firm focused on the former Soviet Union.  From 1983-1990, he was Assistant to the Chairman of Occidental Petroleum where he was subsequently elected that company’s youngest vice president in history.  He reported directly to Chairman and CEO Armand Hammer.  Jacobs has worked closely with Dean since August 2002.  In February 2003, Jacobs was named Southern California Finance Co-Chair (in which position he remains) and a member of the national finance executive committee. Jacobs also provides advice to the Dean campaign on national security/foreign policy matters. Jacobs has been deeply involved in organizing the Dean campaign in California since March 2003.

Rep. Pete Stark (CA-13)  12/31/03 
Rep. Zoe Lofgren (CA-16)  04/09/03
Rep. Xavier Becerra (CA-31)  12/15/03
Rep. Hilda Solis (CA-32)  12/16/03
Rep. Diane Watson (CA-33)    01/14/04 
Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34)   12/15/03
Rep. Grace Napolitano (CA-38)    01/14/04
Rep. Loretta Sanchez (CA-47)   12/09/03
Rep. Bob Filner (CA-51)    09/04/03

Attorney General Bill Lockyer    01/17/04
Secretary of State Kevin Shelley   01/17/04

Speaker-elect Fabian Núñez, Latino Caucus Chair Marco Antonio Firebaugh and the California Latino Legislative Caucus (24 lawmakers from the State Senate and the State Assembly)     01/17/04

former California:
Prior to the appointment of Jude Barry, Aaron Holmes served as State Coordinator for four months.  Holmes was one of the early staffers on Dean's presidential campaign; previously he worked on Steve Grossman's 2002 campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Massachusetts.  (Holmes went on to New Hampshire to "handle major political projects.") 

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