Howard Dean-Campaign Organization, Michigan
Dean for America  
On May 30, 2002, Dean mailed the FEC papers establishing Dean for America, a presidential campaign committee.  Dean for America is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont.  Joe Trippi is national campaign manager.

Dean for America Michigan Leadership
Campaign Headquarters
Lavonia: 38935 Ann Arbor Road    -opened during the second week of Nov. 2003
Lansing: 124 West Allegan, Suite 1120    -opened during the second week of Nov. 2003 
Detroit: 422 West Congress, Suite 301   -opened the week of Nov. 24, 2003

Michigan State Coordinator Daren Berringer
(Officially announced Aug. 16, 2003)  One of two deputy campaign managers on Congressman Tim Holden's successful 2002 congressional race against Congressman George W. Gekas in Pennsylvania's 17th CD.  In 2000 Berringer was campaign manager for Jim Eisenhower, the Democratic nominee for Attorney General in Pennsylvania. 
Berringer: "On July 3 at 11:00 pm, the eve of our Nation's birthday, I received the call from the campaign that said, 'Hey Daren, you're going to Michigan.'"

paid or full time volunteer staff (details of offices and staff announced Dec. 2, 2003).
State Field Director Charles Westover
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  Before joining Dean for America, Westover most recently worked in Gov. Jennifer Granholm's office as a member of her scheduling and advance team.


Detroit Metro Director Sheila White-Smith
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  On leave of absence from her job as an aide to Congressman John Conyers.
Detroit Field Coordinator Al Williams
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  Managed the campaign of State Rep. Virgil Smith (Dist. 7), the youngest African-American elected official in the nation.  Williams, 23 years old, has also managed three other Detroit campaigns.
Detroit Field Coordinator Kamal Cheeks
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  Has extensive field experience in Detroit mayoral, congressional and state legislative races.
Field Coordinator (7th and 15th CDs) Emma White
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  A MeetUp organizer in Ann Arbor; was planning to start graduate school studying Chinese archaelogy but put that on hold to work on the campaign.
Field Coordinator (9th, 10th and 12th CDs) Jeff Blum
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  A field organizer for 21st Century Democrats, Blum was assigned to the Royal Oak mayor race
Field Coordinator (2nd, 3rd and 6th CDs) Lisa Kemmis
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  A community and volunteer organizer in Grand Rapids; chaired the Belknap Early Childhool Literacy Project in Grand Rapids.
Press Director Kathy Jones
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  Reporter in Virginia and Washington, DC for twelve years, before changing careers in 2002 and entering the field of political communications.
General Counsel Soni Mithani
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  A principal in the Ann Arbor office of Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone.  Harvard Law School graduate.
Speakers Bureau Director and Director of Operations Jenny Tatsak
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  Ph.D. candidate in Speech Communications at Wayne State University.
Regional Coordinator for Generation Dean Farhan Bhatti
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  A full-time pre-med student at Michigan State University.
Information Technology Manager and Press Aide Raj Krishna
(announced Dec. 2, 2003)  A doctoral student in computer engineering at the University of Michigan.

-On Nov. 7, 2003 the campaign announced support of 17 elected officials and public figures

State Sen. Michael "Mickey" Switalski
State Rep. Paul Gieleghem
State Rep. Andrew Meisner (Dist. 27)
State Rep. Virgil Smith (Dist. 7-Detroit)
State Rep. Aldo Vagnozzi (Farmington/Farmington Hills)
Macomb County Commissioner Robert Mijac

Former Congressman Bob Carr - served 18 years in the U.S House of Representatives.
Peter D. Houk - former Chief Judge of the Ingham Circuit Court (retired in Dec. 2002). Partner at Fraser Trebilcock Davis & Dunlap, P.C.
Former State Rep. Lynn Jondahl  - Represented East Lansing/Meridian Township from 1973-94.  Executive director of Michigan Prospect.
Former State Sen. Lana Pollack - President of the Michigan Environmental Council.

Ed Bruley - Chairman of the Macomb County Democratic Party.
Alisa Diez - 10th Congressional District Democratic Chairwoman.
Timothy Morse - Treasurer of the St. Clair County Democratic Committee.
Stanley Stewart - Democratic Vice Chair of the 15th Congressional District.

Mark R. Fox - advisor and political consultant; a managing partner of Fraser Trebilcock Davis & Dunlap, P.C.
Joe Slabbinek - former Democratic Chair of the 10th Congressional District Democrats.
Terence Thomas - Senior Vice President for External Affairs of St. John Health System.

-On December 10, 2003 the campaign reported that over a thousand students at Michigan State University have pledged their votes for Howard Dean in the upcoming Democratic presidential caucus.  "Randy Neice, Chairperson of MSU Students for Dean, said 35 of the chapterís members went door to door in the university dorms, two nights a week for the past six weeks, asking for their fellow Spartansí support and registering new voters.  The organization committed to gathering 500 pledged voters before the semester ended.  The result of the 'Dorm Storms': 1,030 pledged votes for Howard Dean and over 500 new or transferred voter registrations."

-On February 3, 2004 Detroit City Council President Maryann Mahaffey announced her endorsement of Howard Dean. 

Volunteer-not authorized by the campaign
Michigan for Dean

(Sept. 17, 2003)


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