Howard Dean-Campaign Organization, North Dakota
Dean for America  
On May 30, 2002, Dean mailed the FEC papers establishing Dean for America, a presidential campaign committee.  Dean for America is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont.  Joe Trippi served as national campaign manager until after the Jan. 19 Iowa caucuses when Roy Neel became chief executive officer.

Dean for America North Dakota Leadership
Campaign Headquarters: 1137 19th Ave N., Fargo (grand opening Nov. 21, 2003)

Executive Director John Crabtree
Crabtree is a native of Iowa and a graduate of the University of Iowa.  He currently lives and works in Harvey, North Dakota.  He most recently managed the campaign that elected then Representative April Fairfield (DNPL-Eldridge) to the Senate in 2002.  Senator Fairfield defeated a long-time Republican incumbent in a closely watched battle.  John brings a wealth of caucus experience from Iowa, having served as a district coordinator for Rev. Jesse Jackson's Presidential campaign in Iowa and more recently as farm and rural policy advisor and state committee member for Senator Bill Bradley's Presidential campaign in Iowa.
Director of Field Operations Craig Fleming
Fleming is a native of North Dakota and a graduate of Mayville State University.  He currently resides on a small farm North of Bismarck with his wife Kathleen and three children.  He most recently managed Helen Schatz' State Senate campaign in 2002 and is the Chairman of Dem/NPL District 47.
Communications Director Scott Fry
Fry is a native of Idaho and a graduate of University of Idaho.  He currently resides in Bismarck, North Dakota with his wife Nilla.  He most recently worked on April Fairfield's Senate campaign in 2002 and is the Secretary of NPL/Dem District 35.
Generation Dean State Coordinator Berrett Gall
Gall, 19 years old, attends North Dakota State University.  Worked on the Heidi Heitkamp for Governor campaign.  Was the North Dakota fundraiser for Congressman Earl Pomeroy in his 2002 election.  Also worked for the ND State Democratic Party, helping out with special projects.

According to a Jan. 20, 2004 article by the Associated Press' Dale Wetzel ("Backers of Edwards, Kerry expect more North Dakota campaigning") six state lawmakers were backing Dean, including Sen. April Fairfield of Eldridge and Sen. Joel Heitkamp of Hankinson who served as the Dean campaign's state chairs.

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