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 Dean for America-Washington
On May 30, 2002, Dean mailed the FEC papers establishing Dean for America, a presidential campaign committee.  Dean for America is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont.  Joe Trippi served as national campaign manager until after the Jan. 19 Iowa caucuses when Roy Neel became chief executive officer. 

With an office staff of 15, a field staff of 70 (includes both paid and non-paid; all offical DFA campaign people with cells and DFA e-mail accounts), and over 300 volunteers, the Dean campaign helped produce a record turnout of over 200,000 caucus attendees, achieved a second place showing with 30% of the vote (Dean's best showing of all states except his home state Vermont, and this following nine straight losses), and picked up 29 DNC delegates.

Dean for America Washington Leadership
Campaign Headquarters: 228 Ninth Avenue N., Seattle  (opening celebration Oct. 26, 2003)

Washington State Director Betty Means
(Started July 15, 2003)  Campaign management, fundraising, and event coordination through Betty J. Means & Associates, 2001-2003.  Associate State Director for Advocacy, AARP Washington, 1999-2001.  AARP/VOTE Legislative Representative for WA, AK, MT, NV, OR, and ID, 1993-1999.  Senior Field Communications Coordinator for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, 1989-1992.  Deputy Political Director, Democratic National Committee, 1987-1988. District Manager/Outreach Coordinator, Congressman Mike Lowry, 1979-1987.
Deputy Director Bill Trezevant
Previously served as Deputy Director with the Institute for Politics Democracy & the Internet at the George Washington University.  Was a candidate for City Council in Buffalo, New York.  Over 15 years experience running and managing local and regional campaigns.  Attorney specializing in labor law.  B.A. from Fordham University; J.D. for SUNY-Buffalo School of Law.
Field Director Laura Williams

Assistant to the Field Director Nigel Herbig

Field Coordinators

 Bonnie Becke - Bremerton
 Jennifer Spieler - South Puget Sound
 Rebbecca McNichol - Vancouver
 Jessica Hauffe  -  Vancouver
 John Taylor  -  Seattle
 Josh Johnston - Bellingham
 Joy Shigaki - Central Washington
 Neil Beaver -  Spokane

 Community Outreach - Ruthanne Kurose 

 House Parties - Jay Keeton 

 Communications/Press Spokesperson - Steve Haro 
 Press Coordinator - Josh Field 

 Special Projects - Tom Ross 
 Special Projects - John Burns 

 Volunteer Coordinator - McKenna Hartman 
 Volunteer Recruitment - Sherry Reynolds 

 Office Manager - David Bailey 

 GenDean - Shaun Woods 

 Database Design - Ellen Meserow 
 IT Database Web - Christy McConville 
 Web - Nina Kang 
 IT Hardware - Norman Furlong 
 Graphic Design/IT - Phil Scroggs 
 IT Database/ Web - Ray Minchew 
 IT Database - Peter Hannah 
 IT Database Web - Julie Goldberg 


Former Gov. Booth Gardner  - served as Governor from 1985-93, and was U.S. Ambassador to the WTO in Geneva from 1994-98.
Karen Marchioro - Democratic National Committeewoman and former state party chair.  Ran unsuccessfully for State Representative in 2000, garnering 40 percent of the vote in her Bellevue district.

Washington State Steering Committee

JoAnn Kauffman (Spokane), occupational health nurse and national recognized expert on Native American health

Ruthann Kurose (Mercer Island), community activist and Board Member, Bellevue Community College

Clayton Lewis (Seattle), Chief Operating Officer of Onvia, and former staff member of the DCCC

Hubert Locke (Seattle), Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington

Luis Moscuso (Mountlake Terrace), Staff Rep for the NW Region of the Washington Public Employees Association, UFCW

Greg Rodriguez (Seattle), Chair of King County Democrats

John Taylor (Seattle), former gubernatorial staff member for Howard Dean

Congressman Jim McDermott (WA-7)    10/06/03

Sen. Rosa Franklin  29th Legislative District 
Sen. Adam Kline  37th Legislative District 
Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles  36th Legislative District 
Sen. Margarita Prentice  11th Legislative District

Rep. Brian Blake  19th Legislative District 
Sen. Lisa Brown  3rd Legislative District 
Rep. Judy Clibborn  41st District 
Rep. Jeannie Darneille  27th District 
Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson  38th Legislative District 
Rep. Sam Hunt  22nd Legislative District 
Rep. Eric Pettigrew  37th Legislative District 
Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos  37th Legislative District 

David Della  Seattle  City Councilman 
Bill Erxleben  Newcastle  City Councilman 
Paul George  Yakima  City Councilman 
Larry Gossett  Seattle  King Co. Councilman 
Jan Kumasaka  Seattle  School Board Member 
Doug Lasher  Vancouver  Clark Co. Treasurer 
Nick Licata  Seattle  City Councilman 
Dwight Pelz  Seattle  King Co. Councilman 
Larry Phillips  Seattle  King Co. Councilman 
Thomas Rasmussen  Seattle  City Councilman 
John Roskelley  Spokane  County Commissioner 
Irene Stewart  Seattle  School Board Member 

Official Website launched Oct. 2003

(Oct. 31, 2003)

Early Activity
Washington for Dean
Not authorized by the campaign

(Sept. 17, 2003)
Political Advisory Committee:
Greg Rodriguez 
Betty Means 
John Taylor 
Kelly Wright 

Web Team:
Nina Kang 
Lisa Pease

May 20, 2003.  John Taylor, acting as the volunteer director for Washington state, wrote: "The Dean Campaign has no paid staff in Washington state.  It is an entirely volunteer grass roots effort...  With that said, the campaign has been able to organize volunteers so that we were able to host a 1200-1400 person rally for Governor Dean's visit to Seattle last week, and we have a presence at state-wide events...  ...We are a grass roots campaign, which is highly dependent on the internet.  The national campaign is using the internet, particularly, to identify activists and integrate them into the campaign structure.  We have over 1000 volunteers state-wide in Washington as a consequence of Meet-up."

Taylor was a policy staffer for Governor Dean in Vermont, from 1996-2001.  He moved to Seattle in 2001, and currently works for the City of Seattle. 

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