First Presidential Debate-BC04 Rapid Response
University of Miami - Coral Gables, FL - September 30, 2004
Bush-Cheney '04, Inc. Breaking Debate Facts

-Prior to the debate the campaign passed out a "Debate Briefing Book for Senator Kerry" This 12-page booklet covered 10 issues (Iraq, Diplomacy, Intelligence, Troop Realignment, Afghanistan, North Korea, Israel, Cuba, The Patriot Act, and Homeland Security).  For each issue there were 3 sections "Your Current Position," "Your Record," and "Your Attack."  "Your Record" had facts that ran counter to Kerry's current position.  "Your Attack" consisted of a bit of Bush-Cheney devised strategy.

Breaking Pre-Debate Fact  In Case You Missed It: - RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie On Reports John Kerry Wanted Timer Lights Removed From His Podium After Agreeing To Have Time Light On His Podium:   RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie: "Only John Kerry Could Be For The Lights Before He Was Against The Lights." (Fox News "Top Story")

Breaking Debate Fact # 1  Setting the Record Straight: Video Link
...Kerry On The Threat Posed By Saddam Hussein  Kerry: "I Believe That A Deadly Arsenal Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction In His Hands Is A Threat, And A Grave Threat."

Breaking Debate Fact # 2  Kerry Flip Flops on Iraq Terrorism Question
Tonight's Flip: In response to question #4 John Kerry said Iraq was not close to the War on Terror until the President invaded it.  Yesterday's Flop...

Breaking Debate Fact # 3  missing

Breaking Debate Fact # 4  Kerry Said It
SENATOR KERRY: "The president and I have always agreed on that, and from the beginning, I did vote to give the authority because I thought Saddam Hussein was a threat."

Breaking Debate Fact # 5  Setting the Record Straight
Kerry's False Statement: In response to question #4 John Kerry said, "My message to the troops is also thank you for what they're doing but it's also help is on the way.  I believe those troops deserve better than what they are getting today."  The Real Record:
FACT: $87 Billion Supplemental Kerry Voted Against Provided:...
FACT: Kerry Has Already Taken Eight Positions On the $87 Billion...

Breaking Debate Fact # 6  They Said It
PRESIDENT BUSH: War on Terror "Noble And Worthy."
SENATOR KERRY: On Whether The Iraq War Was Worth It: "It Depends On The Outcome."

Breaking Debate Fact # 7  Setting the Record Straight
Kerry's False Statement: In response to question #9 John Kerry claimed he's "never, ever" used word "lying" in reference to President Bush on Iraq.
The Real Record: FACT: In September 2003, Kerry Said Bush Administration "Lied" and "Misled."

Breaking Debate Fact # 8  Kerry Flip Flops on Preemption
Tonight's Flip: In response to question #13 John Kerry said, "The President always has the right, and always has had the right for preemptive strike."
Yesterday's Flop...

Breaking Debate Fact # 9  missing

Breaking Debate Fact # 10  Setting the Record Straight
Kerry's False Statement: In response to question # 9 John Kerry said, "The United Nations, Kofi Annan, offered help after Baghdad fell and we never picked them up on that and did what was necessary to tranfer authority and to transfer reconstruction.  It was always American run.  Secondly, when we went in, there were three countries: Great Britain, Australia and the United States.  That's not a grand coalition.  We can do better."