Vice Presidential Debate-BC04 Rapid Response
Cleveland, OH -
October 5, 2004

Bush-Cheney '04, Inc. Breaking Debate Facts

Prior to the debate the campaign passed out an "IN CASE YOU MISSED IT..." from Sept. 30, 2004 headlined "Kerry Ad Falsely Accuses Cheney on Halliburton"

Breaking Pre-Debate Fact - Edwards Said It: Iraq "Most Serious and Imminent Threat"

Breaking Debate Fact # 1  Setting the Record Straight
John Edwards tonight contradicted the conclusions of the Senate Intelligence Committee, of which he was a member, and the 9/11 Commission in denying that contacts existed between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda...

Breaking Debate Fact # 2  He Said It:
Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) Said Kerry's Decision To Vote Against The Iraq Supplemental Was An Attempt "To Prove To Dean's Guys" That He Was "Not A Warmonger."

Breaking Debate Fact # 3  Setting the Record Straight:
Edward's False Statement:
In response to question #2 John Edwards said, "We were attacked by Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.  We went into Afghanistan and very quickly the Administration made a decision to divert attention from that and instead to begin to plan for the invasion of Iraq."

Breaking Debate Fact # 4  Edwards Said It:
Tonight Edwards Claimed Kerry Has Been Consistent From The Beginning On The War on Terror.

Breaking Debate Fact # 5  He Said It:
VICE PRESIDENT RICHARD CHENEY: "So they, in effect, decided they would cast an anti-war vote, and they voted against the troops.  Now, if they couldn't stand up to the pressures that Howard Dean represented, how can we expect them to standup to Al Qaeda?"

Breaking Debate Fact # 6  He Said It:
VICE PRESIDENT RICHARD CHENEY: "Senator, frankly, you have a record in the Senate that's not very distinguished.  You missed 33 out of 36 meetings in the Judiciary Committee...

Breaking Debate Fact # 7  Setting the Record Straight
Edward's False Statement:
In response to question #14 John Edwards said, "We do have too many lawsuits."

Statement from Bush-Cheney '04 Campaign Chairman Governor Marc Racicot
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Today, Bush-Cheney '04 Campaign Chairman Governor Marc Racicot made the following statement:
"Vice President Dick Cheney won tonight because he countered rhetoric with the facts - calling into question not just the deficiencies of Kerry's record, but calling into question Kerry and Edwards' credibility as candidates and as U.S. Senators.

"John Edwards failed as a credible advocate for John Kerry and Dick Cheney proved once again that substance will always trump campaign rhetoric.  The American people saw no evidence that John Kerry has any convictions - despite Edwards' best attempts at political spin.

"John Edwards delivered an empty performance full of political attacks that ignored the realities of a post 9/11 America."