OCTOBER 26, 2004

Extensive Election Night Coverage on All ABC News Platforms November 2

          ABC News Election Night coverage launches on all platforms – the ABC Television Network, “ABC News Now,” ABC News Radio, and – on November 2.  Peter Jennings will anchor comprehensive coverage of election results and live reports from battleground states, beginning with “World News Tonight with Peter Jennings” at 6:30 p.m. EST on the ABC Television Network.
     Mr. Jennings will be joined on the air by a team of ABC News anchors, correspondents, and analysts including -
ABC News’ “Ballot Watch” will focus on voting mistakes, errors, or practices which may affect the outcome of the presidential race.  A regular report on all broadcasts, this intensive effort will follow casting and counting issues as many states introduce new absentee ballot casting measures, early voting, and electronic voting machines.  ABC News encourages citizens to relay information on the mechanics of voting and voter contact by e-mailing the ABC News Political Unit at
In addition to this extensive coverage on November 2, “World News Tonight with Peter Jennings” and “Nightline” will dedicate the majority of their broadcasts to election issues and political news of the day Monday, October 25 through Monday, November 1.  ABC News’ latest tracking poll finds 95% of likely voters say they are closely following the race - these newscasts will follow the political twists and turns of the final days leading to November 2.  Beginning at 7:00 a.m. EST, “Good Morning America will bring viewers complete coverage of Election Day, with live reports from battleground states and polling places.  “Good Morning America” will follow up with a live wrap up of results from across the country and reaction from the campaigns on Wednesday, November 3.
“ABC News Now” will produce extensive political news programming throughout Election Day.   Chris Cuomo and Michel Martin in Washington, DC and Hari Sreenivasan in New York will anchor primetime coverage of election results.   David Kerley and Don Dahler will anchor early coverage.  They will be joined on the air by correspondents John Yang, Jon Karl, and Karen Travers in Washington, DC and Dan Harris and Ed O’Keefe in Boston.  “ABC News Now” will also turn to three university campuses - Columbia University, George Washington University, and UCLA - for the perspective of young voters, the target of unprecedented get out the vote campaigns this year.
ABC affiliate stations in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan will provide live reports of the presidential race in their district on “ABC News Now.”  During scheduled station breaks on the television network, some viewers will see “ABC News Now” coverage if stations opt to defer airing local news. 
“ABC News Now” is currently available to 65% of the country via digital transmission from numerous ABC affiliates, including all 10 Owned Stations.  Many affiliates have also arranged for carriage on digital cable through local cable operators.  “ABC News Now” is available with a subscription to ABC News On Demand or RealNetworks SuperPass, to AOL members, and to, SBC Yahoo! DSL, and BellSouth FastAccess DSL customers.  “ABC News Now” is channel 5 on MobiTV, the world’s first live television network for mobile phones, currently available to Sprint PCS Vision™ customers and AT&T Wireless mMode™ subscribers.
Sam Donaldson and Gil Gross will anchor ABC News Radio coverage from New York.  Correspondents Ann Compton and Jim Ryan will be with the Bush campaign.  Correspondents Bob Schmidt and Aaron Katersky will be with the Kerry campaign.  National correspondent Jim Hickey and correspondent Andrew Colton will report from the battleground states of Ohio and Florida.  ABC News Radio will produce a one hour special on Monday, November 1 previewing election issues and a second one hour special on Wednesday, November 3 reviewing election results., which recently unveiled a fresh, more user-friendly design, will provide up to the minute results when the polls close.  Users can choose to track as many as a dozen races at once by customizing the elections results page. 
ABC NewsOne/ABSAT correspondents Heather Cabot, Eric Horng, Lauren Rogers, and Nancy Weiner will provide live reports for ABC News clients and affiliates from Washington, DC and Boston, MAKeith Garvin will report from Crawford, TX.    NewsOne/ABSAT is the newsfeed service of ABC News.
ABC News Media Relations: 
          Julie Summersgill
          Emily Lenzner