Brit Hume Leads Election Coverage

FOX News Channel (FNC) will offer You Decide 2004 election night news coverage on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, beginning at 7 PM/ET.  Washington Managing
Editor Brit Hume will lead the coverage, which will include live reports from FNC's dedicated team of seasoned political correspondents, anchors and analysts who will provide fair and balanced coverage of election night developments and race results.  You Decide 2004 reporting will continue until the President of the United States is named.     

FNC will not report state results until all precincts in that state are closed.  The network has also created an exclusive election day poll from eight key states across the nation, including Pennsylvania and Ohio, and Chris Wallace, host of FOX News Sunday, will report the results of this survey, as well as exit poll results.

Additionally, Greta Van Susteren will report on ballot initiatives and legal issues; political contributor Michael Barone will report from the FOX News decision desk; and Martha MacCallum will provide election return updates. The Beltway Boys hosts Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke, joined by political contributors Juan Williams, Bill Kristol and Susan Estrich, will offer overall analysis.  

Other contributors to FNC's election night coverage will include Senior White House Correspondent Jim Angle, Wendell Goler and James Rosen, reporting on the Bush campaign; Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron, Molly Henneberg and Steve Brown reporting on the Kerry campaign; and Major Garrett reporting on voter irregularities.  Reporting from battleground states and across the country will be: Rick Leventhal, Kelly Wright, Mike Emanuel, Caroline Shively, Trace Gallagher, Alicia Acuna, Phil Keating, Carol McKinley, Doug Luzader, Jamie Colby, Dan Springer and Heather Nauert

FOX News Channel (FNC) viewers can log on to the FNC Web site for in-depth coverage of the presidential campaign race, "You Decide 2004," at  In addition, FOX News Radio will offer live election night coverage beginning at 8 PM/ET, anchored by FNC's John GibsonAlan Colmes and Tony Snow will present listeners with balanced analysis of how each side views the outcome of races, and Steve Centanni and Eric Shawn will report from the Bush and Kerry campaigns, respectively.

FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour general news service covering breaking news as well as political, entertainment and business news.  For more than two years, FNC has been the most watched cable news channel and currently presents nine out of the top ten cable news programs. Owned by News Corp., FNC is available in more than 85 million homes.


Paul Schur