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Sen. Edwards speaks at a fundraiser for Executive Council candidate John Kacavas in a Manchester home late on the afternoon of Feb. 3.  Kacavas looks on.  After the fundraiser, the two went to a series of Super Bowl parties before Edwards headed to Boston.  Kacavas was grateful to Edwards for the boost his appearance provided.  "That house was full," he said the next morning.  "This is a real person...this is a man who can make connections to people," he said.  "He really moves through a crowd well," Kacavas said.  Kacavas can relate to Edwards on a couple of points; he too is a lawyer and his grandparents worked in a mill in Lowell, Massachussetts.

Note. Edwards is not the only Democratic presidential prospect to campaign for Kacavas; Vermont Gov. Howard Dean campaigned for him on Feb. 6.  Kacavas will face former Manchester mayor Ray Wieczorek, who scored an impressive victory in the Republican primary on Feb. 5, in a March special election. The five-person Executive Council serves as a check on the governor in areas such as contracts greater than $5,000 and nominations.

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