New American Optimists

30 sec. TV spot run in North Carolina in fall 2002 [dated Sept. 24, 2002].

Shrum Devine Donilon

[Music in background]. Sen. Edwards:  I'm Senator John Edwards.  It's a long way from Robbins, where I grew up, to the mountains of Afghanistan, where I met young North Carolinians on the front lines of the war against terrorism.  Most of us don't have to make that kind of sacrifice, but this year there's something we can all do here at home to show the whole world that our system is alive and strong: Go to the polls and vote.  That's one way we can all defend our democracy, our values, our families--everything we believe in.  [Music fades].  

On the screen: 1. MCU of Sen. Edwards talking to the camera; CG identifies him as "Senator John Edwards."  2. Aerial view of town's main street.  3. Robbins water tower.  4. Edwards walking and talking to the camera.  5. Edwards talking to folks in a diner/cafe.  6. Another shot of Edwards talking to folks in a diner/cafe.  8. Edwards talking to a policeman and an EMT.  9. The American flag waving.  10. Close up of flag.  11. Wide shot of Edwards and family seated on couch; he is talking to the camera.  12. Add disclaimer.  13. Flag in background and CG "Vote November 5th."