John Edwards-Campaign Organization, Missouri
Edwards for President, Inc.
On January 2, 2003, Sen. Edwards announced formation of a presidential exploratory committee.  Edwards for President, Inc. is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Nick Baldick, a former top Gore operative, is the campaign manager. 

Edwards for President, Inc. Missouri Leadership
Campaign Headquarters

Julie Gibson
(announced Jan. 24, 2004) Former Gephardt for President senior aide, directed 1996 and 2000 Missouri Democratic Coordinated Campaigns, served as chief of staff to Missouri's Lieutenant Governor Joe Maxwell and chief of staff to Governor Bob Holden.
Mike Kelley
(announced Jan. 24, 2004) Former Gephardt for President national political advisor; former executive director of the Missouri Democratic Party.
Political Director Baxter Swilley
Experience includes political director for US Representative Jan Schakowsky and campaign manager of Jackson, MS Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr.'s 2001 re-election campaign.
Jennifer O'Malley
(announced Jan. 24, 2004) Field director for Sen. Edwards' Iowa campaign (announced in March 2003).  In 2002 O'Malley served as field director for the South Dakota Democratic Coordinated Campaign, then as field director for Sen. Mary Landrieu's runoff campaign.  In 2001 she was campaign manager for St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay.  During the 2000 general election, she was regional field director for the Missouri coordinated campaign in the St. Louis Metro area.  She was volunteer coordinator for Gore in the 2000 NH primary, then worked as a field organizer in New York and Pennsylvania.  O'Malley is a 1998 graduate of Tufts University and hails from Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts. 
Susan McNey
(announced Jan. 24, 2004) Former Clinton administration official and veteran of Gore 2000.

On January 28, 2004 the campaign announced its first endorsements: Congressman Ike Skelton (MO-4), Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell, Kansas City Councilman Terry Riley, former Kansas City Mayor Emanuel Cleaver and former Missouri state Democratic party chair Joe Carmichael.

On January 29, 2004 thirty-six state representatives, headed by Minority Leader Rick Johnson, endorsed Sen. Edwards for President.  The thirty-six reps. comprise a majority of the Democratic Caucus.

        Rep. Rick Johnson, Democratic Leader (District 90) 
        Rep. Jeff Harris, Democratic Whip (District 23) 
        Rep. Terry Young, Democratic Caucus Secretary (District 49) 
        Rep. Frank Barnitz (District 150) 
        Rep. Dan Bishop (District 38) 
        Rep. John Burnett (District 40) 
        Rep. Marsha Campbell (District 39) 
        Rep. Mike Corcoran (District 77) 
        Rep. Bruce Darrough (District 75) 
        Rep. D.J. Davis (District 122) 
        Rep. Curt Dougherty (District 53) 
        Rep. Barbara Fraser (District 83) 
        Rep. Tom George (District 74) 
        Rep. Chuck Graham (District 24) 
        Rep. Tom Green (District 15) 
        Rep. Mark Hampton (District 147) 
        Rep. Wayne Henke (District 11) 
        Rep. Gary Kelly (District 36) 
        Rep. J.C. Kuessner (District 152) 
        Rep. Maurice Lawson (District 29) 
        Rep. Paul LeVota (District 52) 
        Rep. Ryan McKenna (District 102) 
        Rep. Mike Sager (District 48) 
        Rep. Jenee Lowe, Kansas City 
        Rep. Jim Seigfreid (District 26) 
        Rep. Harold Selby (District 105) 
        Rep. Wes Shoemyer (District 9) 
        Rep. Trent Skaggs (District 31) 
        Rep. Michael Spreng (District 76) 
        Rep. Terry Swinger (District 162) 
        Rep. Wes Wagner (District 104) 
        Rep. Dan Ward (District 107) 
        Rep. Jim Whorton (District 3) 
        Rep. Terry Witte (District 10) 
        Rep. Patricia Yaeger (District 96) 
        Rep. Clint Zweifel (District 78) 


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