Presidential Debate at University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.  (more)

(Above) Signs are ready for post-debate spin.  (Below) Commerce Secretary Don Evans and Ben Ginsberg of Patton Boggs walk through the spin room prior to the debate.  (Ginsberg served as outside counsel to the Bush campaign starting in May 2003, but resigned in August 2004).

Post-debate spin. >
1. - General.  a) Spotter looking for interview subjects.  b) Signs of Rove.
2. - Pre-spin.
3. - BC'04 Senior Advisor Karen Hughes
4. - BC'04 Communications Director Nicolle Devenish.
5. - George P. Bush, with movement.
6. - Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
7. - KE2004 Chair Gov. Jeanne Shaheen.
8. - KE2004 Tad Devine.
9. - KE2004 Senior Advisor Mike McCurry.
10. - Kerry crewmate Del Sandusky.
11. - Gen. Merrill McPeak, ret..
12. - Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL).

Scenes from outside prior to the debate. >

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Sen. John Kerry rallies upon arriving in Fort Lauderdale (Sept. 29).  >
Teresa Heinz Kerry conversation with Haiti-Americans (Oct. 1).  >

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