Teresa Heinz Kerry conversation with Haitian-Americans(related)
Oct. 1, 2004--Teresa Heinz Kerry holds a conversation with Haitian-Americans at Jean Jacques Dessalines Community Center in Little Haiti (Miami).  To her right is Jacques Despinosse, Vice Mayor of the City of North Miami, and Desite Fevrier, 52, who lost eight family members in Gonaives due to one of the hurricanes that hit the area.  Also present were Aderalde Jules, 56, who had one missing family member in Gonaives, and Marie St. Fleur, a Massachusetts State Representative.  Despinosse said that he and the Haitian community do not understand why Haitians are treated differently than Cubans.  Heinz Kerry emphasized that she came to learn.  Earlier she stopped at St. John Basco senior center in Little Havana.

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