Iron Workers Back Gephardt
April 9, 2003--The Iron Workers (International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers) became the first international union to endorse a candidate, throwing its support behind Rep. Dick Gephardt.  Iron Workers General President Joseph Hunt [to Gephardt's left, above] is a childhood friend of Gephardt.  The union's General Executive Council, meeting on March 17, 2003, approved a resolution stating that Gephardt has "consistently and effectively represented the interests of working families" and "has the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively lead the country in these very difficult times."
After the endorsement event, Hunt and Gephardt greeted union members.
Donald Schuettpelz, recently retired business manager and former president of Iron Workers Local 89 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, vowed to get to work on behalf of Gephardt. 

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