Dick Gephardt-Campaign Organization, California
Gephardt for President, Inc.
On January 6, 2003, Rep. Gephardt filed papers with the FEC establishing Gephardt for President Exploratory Committee.  The campaign opened its headquarters in a downtown Washington, DC office building in the first part of February 2003.  Gephardt formally announced his campaign on February 19, 2003 in St. Louis, MO.  Steve Murphy is the national campaign manager.

Gephardt for President, Inc. California Leadership

On December 12, 2003 the campaign announced Gephardt had filed his California Steering Committee with the Secretary of State's office.

Steering Committee includes:

Chairman: Bill Wardlaw - chaired the 1992 and 1996 Clinton-Gore campaigns in California.   General partner in the investment banking firm Freeman, Spogli & Co. since 1991; joined the firm in 1988.  Managing partner in the Los Angeles law firm of Riordan & McKinzie from 1984-88, Wardlaw is described in press accounts as the "mastermind" behind former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan's mayoral campaigns and as Riordan's one-time "consiglieri."  He chaired James Hahn's successful 2001 mayoral campaign.

Co-chairs: Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman Bob Matsui.

Yvette Bowser, Executive Producer at CBS Productions & The UPN Network.

Chuck Mack, International Vice President for the Western Region, Teamsters. 

Sean Harrigan, International Vice President and Director of California State Council of the United Food and Commercial Workers and Chairman of CALPERS. 

Deborah Ortiz, State Senator, Sacramento(6th District), Chairman of Senate Health and Resources Committee. 

Steve Smith, first openly gay member of the Democratic National Committee. 

Rep. Robert Matsui (CA-5)  05/14/03
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA-8), House Democratic Leader 05/14/03
Rep. Lois Capps (CA-23)    05/14/03
Rep. Howard Berman (CA-28)    05/14/03
Rep. Adam Schiff (CA-29)    05/14/03


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