Dick Gephardt-Campaign Organization, Virginia
Gephardt for President, Inc.
On January 6, 2003, Rep. Gephardt filed papers with the FEC establishing Gephardt for President Exploratory Committee.  The campaign opened its headquarters in a downtown Washington, DC office building in the first part of February 2003.  Gephardt formally announced his campaign on February 19, 2003 in St. Louis, MO.  Steve Murphy is the national campaign manager.

Gephardt for President, Inc. Virginia Leadership
Virginia State Director Khalid Pitts
(announced January 5, 2004)  Most recently served as state director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Educational Fund to End Handgun Violence.  A graduate of the College of Holy Cross and the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.
Virginia State Co-Chairs
John P. Fishwick Jr.   (announced August 15, 2003) A partner at Lichtenstein, Fishwick & Johnson, P.L.C.  Currently serves as representative for the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia in the Panel Attorneys Defender Services Division.  He is a member of the Fourth Circuit Judicial Conference, Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and Virginia State Bar.  Fishwick graduated cum laude from Washington and Lee Law School in 1983 and received his B.A. from Harvard University in 1979. 

Senator Louise Lucas (announced August 22, 2003) Member of VA State Senate, Portsmouth 

Frederick Stroud (announced August 22, 2003) VA State Organizing Director, United Steelworkers of America, Danville 

Jim Turpin   (announced August 22, 2003) Treasurer, Arlington County Democratic Committee, Arlington 

Kevin Wolf   (announced August 22, 2003) Democratic Activist, Arlington 

Virginia Steering Committee includes (announced Dec. 11, 2003): 
Barbara Adler, Democratic activist, Richmond
Donald Akers, Roanoke United Central Labor Council, Copper Hill
Mike Amos, President, United Steelworkers Local Union 1023, Salem
Michael Amos, USWA, Union Hall, VA
Eva Andriuk, UFCW, Centreville
Marshall Arent, ATU, Richmond
Cynthia Arrington, Roanoke United Central Labor Council, Salem
Ronald Atkins, Ironworkers, Roanoke
Joseph Ayers, Teamsters, Richmond
Sammy Ayers, Boilermakers, Virginia Beach

Ruth Bailey, USWA, Newport News
Heidi Baker, Democratic activist, Charlottesville
Sara Bamford, Democratic activist, Alexandria
Joe Barnes, Laborers, Portsmouth
Sharon Beavan, Democratic activist, Fairfax
Harvey Bowde, USWA, Suffolk
Edward Burnett, Roanoke United Central Labor Council, Cloverdale

Marcus Calabrese, Democratic activist, Norfolk
Karen Carter, USWA, Pennington Gap
Brian Carey, Democratic activist, Arlington
Michael Cassell, Roanoke United Central Labor Council, Salem
Joseph Circelli, Bricklayers, Virginia Beach
Renita Clark, Ironworkers, Roanoke
Ora Council, USWA, Hampton
Mary Crowder, Roanoke United Central Labor Council, Salem
Edna Cruz, Democratic activist, Centreville

Manuel Dotson, Roanoke United Central Labor Council, Roanoke
Dan Duncan, Maritime Trades, Burke
David Dunphy, UFCW, Associate Director, Legislative and Political Affairs Dept., Springfield

Rebecca Eichelberger, Democratic activist, Roanoke
Sandra Epps, Teamsters, Richmond

Mark Federici, UFCW, Director of Governmental Relations, Fairfax
Heith Fenner, UFCW, Fredericksburg
John Fishwick, Attorney and political activist, Roanoke
Marian Flickenger, President, Norfolk Federation of Teachers, Norfolk
Kevin Forbes, Laborers, Covington
Anthony Foster, Laborers, Suffolk
John Fridley, Teamsters, Staunton

Alton Glass, USWA, President, Local 8888, Newport News
Janine Goodchild, Democratic activist, Manassas

George Hancock, Ironworkers, Norfolk
Michael Hancox, Vice President, Ecology and Economics, Charlottesville
Charles Hansen, Democratic activist, Alexandria
Martha Harmon, Roanoke United Central Labor Council, Roanoke
Vincent Harris, USWA, Suffolk
Frank Hartsoe, Boilermakers, Chesterfield
Debra Haskins, Teamsters
James Herring, USWA, Norfolk
Larest Hill, Laborers, Portsmouth
Christopher Hoffman, UFCW, Fredericksburg
Ken Holbrook, Laborers, Blacksburg
Byron Holley, Bricklayers, Richmond
Rick Howard, President, Roanoke United Central Labor Council, Bedford
Jonathan Huskey, Democratic activist, Alexandria

Cynthia Icenhour, Democratic activist, Williamsburg
Jim Icenhour, ALPA, Williamsburg

Neil Jacobs, UFCW, Gainesville
Paul Jameson, Democratic activist, Vienna
Sarah Johnson, Democratic activist, Roanoke
Jake Kaskey, Democratic activist, Alexandria
Michael Keatts, Democratic activist, Staunton
Alvin King, Boilermakers, Virginia Beach
Sharon Kneller, Democratic activist, Reston

Sandra Landers, Democratic activist, Chesapeake
Kenneth Lewis, USWA, Norfolk
Robert Linkous, USWA, Big Stone Gap
Senator Louise Lucas, Portsmouth
Gene Magruder, Head of Political Action Committee, USWA Local 8888, Newport News
Stephen McLease, ATU, Norfolk

April Montgomery, USWA, Radford
Clyde Moody, USWA, Hampton
Gwen Moody, USWA, Hampton
Robert Moore, USWA, Newport News
Christine Mullins, UFCW, Fredericksburg
Jonathan Mullins, Laborers, Arlington
Bobby Myers, Political Director, Laborers, Williamsburg
Harrison Myers, Laborers, Roanoke
Robert Myers, Laborers, Roanoke

Kathryn Nigh, Democratic activist, Fairfax
David Noziliga, Democratic activist, Alexandria

Bob Padgett, USWA, Hampton
Larry Patterson, Ironworkers, Richmond
Michael Patterson, Boilermakers, Virginia Beach
Steve Patton, Democratic activist, Roanoke
Francis Pecquex, Maritime Trades, Arlington
Robert Pierce, USWA, Christiansberg
Kenneth Pinkard, UFCW, Burgess
Rudy Pinto, UFCW, Virginia Beach

Dick Quible, Democratic activist, Blacksburg

Ann Reynolds, Roanoke United Central Labor Council, Roanoke
Sylvia Rhodes, Democratic activist, Alexandria
Butch Rovder, Bricklayers, South Riding

Juan Sampedro, Bricklayers, Dale City
Noelle Shott, Democratic activist, Dale City
Kamwar Singh, Democratic activist, Arlington
James Smith, Teamsters, Richmond
Norma Smith, Democratic activist, Roanoke
Robert Smith, Teamsters, Richmond
Lionell Spruill, Democratic activist, Chesapeake
Frederick Stroud, Danville, Virginia State Organizing Director for USWA
Jeff Stump, Boilermakers, Roanoke
Kevin Sullivan, Teamsters, Williamsburg
Harvey Sawatis, TWU, Arlington

Byron Taylor, Chairman of Political Action Committee, USWA Local Union # 831, Danville
Trent Taylor, Democratic activist, Richmond
Frank Tunstill, USWA, Richmond
Clinton Turner, USWA, Portsmouth
Jim Turpin, President, Arlington County Democratic Committee, Arlington

Rayburn Vandergrift, Democratic activist, Blacksburg
Nikhil Verma, Democratic activist, Mclean,
Roosevelt Via, Teamsters, Roanoke

Anthony Walkencik, Ironworkers, Norfolk
Jennifer Walker, UFCW, Fredericksburg
Santana Watkins, USWA, Danville
Daniel Wells, Democratic activist, Fairfax
Beth Wiegen, Democratic activist, Richmond
Kathleen Willey, Democratic activist, Williamsburg
Thomas Willey, IBEW, Williamsburg
Dr. Lois Williams, Member, Virginia Beach School Board
Walter Wise, General Vice President, President of the Iron Workers District Council of the Mid-Atlantic States, Democratic activist, Oakton
Kevin Wolf, Voting Member Arlington County Democratic Committee and Precinct Captain, Arlington
James Woodward, Teamsters

Elizabeth Young, Democratic activist, McLean

Rchard Zaryczny, Ironworkers, Chesterfield

Initial List of Supporters (announced August 22, 2003) 
Jodi Bennett Democratic Activist Arlington 
Diane Buddy Democratic Activist Richmond 
Peter Callanan Democratic Activist Annandale
Edna Cruz Democratic Activist Centerville
Paul Jameson Democratic Activist Vienna 
Bob Padgett Member, United Steelworkers of America Hampton 
Jim Pullen Democratic Activist Fredericksburg 
Dick Quible Democratic Activist Blacksburg 
Andrew Seth Democratic Activist Arlington 
Jeff Sloan Democratic Activists Clinchport 
Larry Tubb Democratic Activist Richmond 
Daniel Wells Democratic Activist Fairlakes 
Beth Wiegan Democratic Activist Glen Allen 
Tom Willey Member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Williamsburg 
Dr. Lois Williams Member, Virginia Beach School Board Virginia Beach 
Janet Winters Democratic Activist Richmond 

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