Frank Loconto is producing a CD titled "Bob Graham Charisma Tour 2004" which should be available this summer.  Loconto, a professional singer and songwriter who runs a recording studio in Sunrise, Florida, stated, "We hope this CD will get a message out about 'We've got a friend in Bob Graham and he'll make a great president for the United States.'"  Loconto wrote the lead track, the "Bob Graham Song," in 1977 for Graham's Senate campaign.1  He revised the lyrics for the presidential campaign:

Friend in Bob Graham
We've Got A Friend In Bob Graham
That's What Everybody's Sayin'
All The Way Across The Good Ole USA
From Atlantic To Pacific
We All Say That " He's Terrific"!
America Needs Bob Graham Today!

Bob Will Be The 44th President
An 8 Year White House Resident
Bob's Working For America Every Day!
(last chorus)
Bob Graham For America Today!  Go Bob!

Friend in Bob Graham
Revised Lyrics 5-6-03 - Copyright 1977 Otto Music Pub. ASCAP
Composers: Frank Loconto, ASCAP and Bob Graham
Vocals - Frank Loconto
Musicians - Dennis Blischak, Hernan "Teddy" Mulet
Engineer - Konstantin Ossaoulenko

There is also a catchy salsa edition of the song:
Arriba Bob
Tenemos un Amigo que se llama (Bob Graham)
Desde el Atlantico al Pacifico
Le dicen el magnifico
Electen a Robertico    Para America (3x's)

Es el que necesitamos
Caballero es lo que hace falta
De frente trabajando
En la Casa Blanca residente
Un gran Presidente
Ese es el que necesitamos    Para America (3x's)
        Aqui viene    A la casa
        Aqui vamos   Ocho años
        Ocho años    Arriba Bob!

Copyright: Otto Music Publishing ASCAP
Composers: Frank Loconto, ASCAP - Matt Calderin - Rosco Martinez
Vocals - Rosco Martinez
Musicians - Rosco Martinez and Noise Band
Engineer - Konstantin Ossaoulenko

The CD will have seven or eight more tracks.

1.  Frank Loconto (July 22, 2003 e-mail): "'We've Got A Friend In Bob Graham' was written in 1977.  Details:  Me and my future wife Phyllis were hosting a small reception for Bob at our home in Broward County and I put together a little 'ditty' for him with the 'hook', "Bob Graham is a Cracker, Be a Graham Cracker Backer".... He asked me if I could include the word.. 'work' somewhere, as he was going to do 100 workdays during the campaign in order to meet the citizens and listen to their concerns and interests.  I concluded the song with the line, "Vote for Bob, He Will Make Florida Work Again."..... and after 25 years and about 400 workdays he's still singing and having fun with it."