Calls, Calls and More Calls--Looking for 1's in Iowa
Here is a December 11, 2003 exchange between "aleand67" and "Darrell in Iowa" in the Forum for America section of the Dean for America website.  This was 38 days before the Iowa Caucuses.  (Forum For America -> Your Call to Action -> Win Iowa)

We had a divergence on tonight's steering committee.

What do you think would be more effective? Should we focus first on the people that ID'ed themselves as Dean supporters to shore up their support and make sure they go to the caucus, or should we contact the people that have not been ID'ed yet?

My feeling is to call the supporters first. I would think it's the better bang for the buck.

Any experienced hands that could help with this?
Darrell in Iowa:
Well, my two cents is that you should focus now on finding more 1's and 2's. One's in particular are safe and you don't need to really get back to them until mid January.

It's all about numbers and we need many more 1's then we have. The reminder effort to get them to the caucus really is something we do that last week.

Expand your "target universe" and find more 1's and 2's......

And of course, stay after the 3's all the time.