CERRO GORDO   28 precincts
Cerro Gordo County County Seat: Mason City
More Cities and Towns: Clear Lake, Dougherty, Meservey, Plymouth, Rock Falls, Rockwell, Swaledale, Thornton, Ventura
Population, July 2002 est.: 45,339.   - 1.54% of total IA population of 2,936,760.
Registered Democrats (Active Aug. 1, 2003): 8,937.    - 1.70% of Democratic statewide total of 526,207.

Cerro Gordo County Reg. (Active Aug. 1, 2003): Rep. 8,518 (29.93%)  Dem. 8,937 (31.40%)   NP 11,009 (41.60%)    Total: 28,464.
Total IA Reg. (Active. Aug. 1, 2003): Rep. 580,252 (32.45%)   Dem. 526,207 (29.43%)  Grn. 135   NP 681,394 (38.11%)  Total: 1,787,988.

Cerro Gordo County Democratic Elected Officials
State Senators 
(Cerro Gordo County includes parts of Senate Districts 6 and 7)
7 - Amanda Ragan of Mason City, Assistant Minority Leader
State Representatives
(Cerro Gordo County encompasses House District 13 and parts of Districts 12 and 14)
14 - Mark Kuhn of Charles City (Floyd County)
Supervisor Phil Dougherty
Supervisor Jay Urdahl
Treasurer Mike Grandon
Recorder Colleen Pearce
Cerro Gordo County Democratic Party
County Chair: Timothy L. Lapointe (Lapointe & Lapointe, P.C.)
Vice Chair: Mike Herman
Treasurer: Steven D. Tynan
. Useful Links
Mason City Chamber of Commerce

Globe-Gazette (Mason City/Clear Lake)
KIMT-3 (CBS-Mason City)
KGLO AM 1300

The Campaigns In Cerro Gordo County
Dean for America -- 111 1st Street SE, Mason City   ...Andrew Kain
Edwards for President, Inc.  -- 9 2nd Avenue, NW, Mason City   ...Andrew Hayhurst
Gephardt for President, Inc. --  219 North Jackson Street, Mason City   ...Martin Matheny
John Kerry for President, Inc.  -- 15 E State Street, Mason City, IA  50401   ...Jack Ryan
Bob Graham for President, Inc. -- 202 First Street SE, Suite 204, Mason City   ...Elizabeth Goltry

Key Supporters
Titles and affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.
Howard Dean
Rural Support (Aug. 22, 2003)
Ken and Brenda Barker, Mason City   teachers

John Edwards
(April 4, May 29 and Aug. 22, 2003 releases)
Eric Bagley, Mason City,  student activist
John Drury,  Mayor of Swaledale
Mabel Haunches, Mason City,  activist
Albert Hodapp, Mason City,  activist
Colin Murphy, Clear Lake,  activist
Celeste Thomas,  activist
Jerri Lea Voss, Mason City,  activist

Dennis Kucinich
Rank and File Iowa Labor for Kucinich (Sept. 1, 2003)
Chris Lauritsen - International Representative, UFCW, Mason City
DEAN: 111 1st St. SE EDWARDS: 9 2nd Avenue, NW
GRAHAM: 202 First Street SE, Suite 204 KERRY: 15 E. State Street
GEPHARDT: 219 North Jackson Street
                                                 August 13, 2003 photos (Gephardt-December 5, 2003 photo).     Courtesy Mike Dec, 4President.org
Globe Gazette
300 North Washington Avenue
P.O. Box 271, Mason City, IA 50402
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Toll Free: 800-421-0546

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