JASPER   21 precincts
Jasper County County Seat: Newton
More Cities and Towns: Baxter, Colfax, Kellogg, Lambs Grove, Lynnville, Mingo, Monroe, Oakland Acres, Prairie City, Reasnor, Sully, Valeria
Population, July 2002 est.: 37,375.   - 1.27% of total IA population of 2,936,760.
Registered Democrats (Active Aug. 1, 2003): 8,848.    - 1.68% of Democratic statewide total of 526,207.

Jasper County Reg. (Active Aug. 1, 2003): Rep. 6,998 (29.03%)  Dem. 8,848 (36.71%)   NP 8,250 (34.23%)    Total: 24,103.
Total IA Reg. (Active. Aug. 1, 2003): Rep. 580,252 (32.45%)   Dem. 526,207 (29.43%)  Grn. 135   NP 681,394 (38.11%)  Total: 1,787,988.

Jasper County Democratic Elected Officials
State Senators 
(Jasper County includes parts of Senate Districts 21 and 36)
21 - Dennis Black of Grinnell area
State Representatives
(Jasper County encompasses House District 41 and parts of Districts 42 and 71)
41 - Paul Bell of Newton
42 - Geri Huser of Altoona (Polk)
Supervisor Max Worthington of Palo Alto Township
Treasurer Jana Lust
Auditor Ken Slothouber (retiring at end of term)
Recorder Nancy Parrott
Attorney Steve Johnson
Sheriff Mike Balmer
Jasper County Democratic Party
County Chair: Steve Dailey of Newton
Vice Chair: Vicki Duschene 
Secretary: Elsie Ulland
Treasurer: Mike Balmer
. Useful Links
Newton Convention and Visitors Bureau
DMACC Newton Polytechnic

Newton Daily News
Hometown AM Informer
KCOB 95.9 FM

The Campaigns In Jasper County
Dean for America -- Amber Tischer
Edwards for President, Inc.  -- Micah Kagan
Gephardt for President, Inc. -- Kati Cerniglia
John Kerry for President, Inc.  -- 203 1st Avenue West, Newton  ...Reed Millar
Kucinich for President --
Bob Graham for President, Inc. -- Adrienne Christian

Key Supporters
Howard Dean
Former County Chair Jeanne Bridenstine

Labor Support (Aug. 28, 2003)
Olen Lambert, UAW, Newton
Sandy Shaver, UAW Local #997, Newton
Larry Shaver, UAW retired, Newton
Mark Frymoyer, AFSCME Local #3013, Kellogg
Joe McNamara, AFSCME, Newton
Cheryl Jesse, AFSCME, Colfax
Tucker Wade, UAW Local #997, Newton
Elsie Ulland, ISEA, Newton

Rural Support (Aug. 22, 2003)
Bill and Kathleen Gannon, Mingo   former state legislator, school board member

John Edwards
(Aug. 22, 2003)
Amy Campbell, Newton, Democratic activist
Duane Oswalt, Newton, Democratic activist
Lorna Oswalt, Newton, Democratic activist

Dick Gephardt
Doug Bishop - Mayor of Baxter, Chair UAW CAP Local 997

John Kerry
State Legislators (Sept. 8, 2003)
Sen. Dennis Black of Grinnell area
Rep. Paul Bell of Newton

County Recorder Nancy Parrott
Jasper County Democratic Chair Steve Dailey

Jasper County Chair, Veterans for Kerry (Aug. 26, 2003)
Don Dickerson - Newton   ...Marine Corps, Korea and Vietnam.

Labor Support (Aug. 18, 2003)
Sherri Breckenridge - AFSCME Local 2840
Troy Wolff - AFSCME Local 3013 

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