LEE   23 precincts
(of which Keokuk 7 precincts; Fort Madison 5 precincts).
Lee County County Seats: Fort Madison and Keokuk
More Cities and Towns: Donnellson, Franklin, Houghton, Montrose, St. Paul, West Point.
Population, July 2002 est.: 36,902.   - 1.26% of total IA population of 2,936,760.
Registered Democrats (Active Aug. 1, 2003): 9,762.    - 1.86% of Democratic statewide total of 526,207.

Lee County Reg. (Active Aug. 1, 2003): Rep. 4,453 (18.84%)  Dem. 9,762 (41.31%)   NP 9,416 (38.85%)    Total: 23,631.
Total IA Reg. (Active. Aug. 1, 2003): Rep. 580,252 (32.45%)   Dem. 526,207 (29.43%)  Grn. 135   NP 681,394 (38.11%)  Total: 1,787,988.

Lee County Democratic Elected Officials
State Senators 
(Senate District 46 encompasses Lee County)
46 - Eugene Fraise of Fort Madison
State Representatives
(Lee County encompasses House District 92 and part of 91)
92 - Philip Wise of Keokuk

Supervisor Bob Woodruff
Supervisor Matt Pflug
Treasurer Mary Hoenig
Attorney Mike Short
Auditor Anne Pederson
Recorder Larry Holtkamp
Lee County Democratic Party
County Chair: former Rep. Rick Larkin of Fort Madison 
Vice Chairs: William Young (Donnellson), Rocky Menke (Fort Madison), unfilled (Keokuk) 
Secretary: Diane Kearns
Treasurer: Peggy Pohlpeter
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Daily Gate City (Keokuk)   Publisher: Mark Smidt  Ownership: Brehm Communications also weeklies: Donnellson Star, West Point Bee
Fort Madison Daily Democrat   Publisher: Gary Milks
WGEM-TV (NBC-Quincy, IL)

The Campaigns In Lee County
Dean for America --
Edwards for President, Inc.  --
Gephardt for President, Inc. --
Bob Graham for President, Inc. --
John Kerry for President, Inc.  --
Kucinich for President --

Key Supporters
Howard Dean
Co Chairs
Barb Haas - ISEA, Keokuk Education Association, Keokuk
Linda Larkin - director of an assisted living facility (and wife of county chair Rick Larkin), Fort Madison

Labor Support (Aug. 28, 2003)
Sandy Smith, AFSCME Local #2005 retired, Keokuk
Melvin Smith, AFSCME Local #3929 retired, Keokuk
Barb Haas, ISEA, Keokuk Education Association, Keokuk

Rural Support (Aug. 22, 2003)
Cheryl Sanders - farmer, Donnellson  

John Edwards
Patrick Dunn, Fort Madison,  activist
Karen Dunn, Fort Madison,  activist
Janet Vance, Fort Madison,  activist
Tracy Vance, Fort Madison,  former Lee County Supervisor
Chuck Vandenberg, Fort Madison,  activist
George Wright, Fort Madison,  attorney
John Wright, Fort Madison,  activist
Sandra Wright, Fort Madison,  activist

Joe Lieberman
Rep. Phil Wise (District 92, Keokuk)   ...announced June 8, 2003 

Henry   Des Moines

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