SCOTT 63 precincts
Scott County County Seat: Davenport
More Cities and Towns: Bettendorf, Blue Grass, Buffalo, Dixon, Donahue, Eldridge, Le Claire, Long Grove, Maysville McCausland, New Liberty, Panorama Park, Plain View, Princeton, Riverdale, Walcott.
Population, July 2002 est.: 159,445.    - 5.43% of total IA population of 2,936,760.
Registered Democrats (Active Aug. 1, 2003): 24,208.    - 4.60% of Democratic statewide total of 526,207.

Johnson County Reg. (Active Aug. 1, 2003): Rep. 14,099 (20.91%)  Dem. 25,333 (37.57%)   NP 27,992 (41.52%)   Total: 67,424.
Total IA Reg. (Active. Aug. 1, 2003): Rep. 580,252 (32.45%)   Dem. 526,207 (29.43%)  Grn. 135   NP 681,394 (38.11%)  Total: 1,787,988.

Scott County Democratic Elected Officials
State Senators 
(Scott County encompasses Senate Districts 41 and 43 and part of District 42)
43 - Joe Seng of Davenport
State Representatives
(Scott County encompasses House Districts 81, 82, 84, 85, 86 and part of 83)
85 - Jim Lykam of Davenport
86 - Cindy Winckler of Davenport
Supervisor Jim Hancock
Attorney William E. Davis
Auditor/Commissioner of Elections Karen Fitzsimmons
Recorder Rita Vargas
Scott County Democratic Party
Scott County Democratic Party
NW Office Building Room 107, 1416 West 16th Street, Davenport
County Chair: Susan Pamperin
Vice Chairs: Karl Rhomberg, Joe Winckler, Bill Stohlmeyer
County Treasurer: Tom Engelmann 
County Secretary: Karen Miller
. Useful Links
Quad-Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau
City of Bettendorf
St. Ambrose University

Quad-City Times (Davenport)    Ownership: Lee Enterprises, Davenport, IA.
KWQC-6 (NBC-Davenport)     Ownership: Young Broadcasting Incorporated, NY.
WQAD-8 (ABC-Moline, IL)    Ownership: New York Times Broadcast Group
WHBF-4 (CBS-Rock Island, IL)    Ownership: Lynch Interactive Corporation, Rye, NY.
WQPT-24 (PBS-Moline, IL)     Licensed: Black Hawk College
WOC-AM 1420 (news/talk)
River Cities' Reader (alternative weekly, Davenport)

The Campaigns In Scott County
Dean for America -- 303 W. 3rd Street, Davenport  ...Alexander E. Mongiat  (Regional Director: Ryan Howell)
Edwards for President, Inc.  --  314 Main Street, Davenport  ...Oliver Gottfried, Mike Edwards
Gephardt for President, Inc. -- 230 W. 15th Street, Davenport  ...
John Kerry for President, Inc.  -- 207 E. Second Street, Davenport  ...Sarah Dale, Bridgett Petruzcok
Kucinich for President -- 131 West Third Street, 2nd Floor, Davenport  ...Patrick Rigg
Bob Graham for President, Inc. -- 826 East River Drive, Davenport  ...Jen Briggs, Matt Spence

Key Supporters
Titles and affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.
Howard Dean
Auditor/Commissioner of Elections Karen Fitzsimmons ...announced as member of Dean's statewide leadership team Sept. 2003

Supervisor Jim Hancock   ...announced Sept. 22, 2003

Rep. Cindy Winkler (District 86 - Davenport)

Labor Support (Aug. 28, 2003)
Ray Mongiat, ISEA retired, Davenport
Cliff Day, AFGE Local #2134, Davenport
Paul Bronzino, UFCW Local #431, Davenport
Carol Howell, SEIU Local #199 former, Davenport
Tom Wolfe, ISEA former, Davenport
Laura Huffman, ISEA, Bettendorf
Rachel Ivory, ISEA former, Bettendorf
Fran Wolf, ISEA retired, Davenport
Sue Bronzino, UFCW Local #431, Davenport
Mary Justin, ISEA, Davenport
Karen Fitzsimmons, UFCW retired, Davenport
Julian Gutierrez, UFCW Local #431 retired, Davenport
Brent Christie, former ISEA, Le Claire

Rural Support (Aug. 22, 2003 release)
Richard Nichol, Blue Grass   Retired vocational supervisor
Rebecca and Ron Tuftee, Eldridge   Small business owners

John Edwards
(April 4, May 29 and Aug. 22 releases)
Dennis Albertson - retired principal, Eldridge     ...May 29, 2003
Cathy Cartee - attorney and community activist, Davenport    ...April 4, 2003
Mary Edwards - activist, Davenport    ...Aug. 22, 2003
William Edwards - activist, Davenport    ...Aug. 22, 2003
Mark Edwards - activist, Davenport    ...Aug. 22, 2003
Nick Hart - activist, Bettendorf ...May 29, 2003
Kenneth Krayenhagen - activist, Davenport    ...Aug. 22, 2003
Beverly Strayhall - activist, Davenport    ...Aug. 22, 2003
Vern Wriedt - activist, Davenport     ...May 29, 2003
Louis Pohlmann - activist, Davenport    ...May 29, 2003

Dick Gephardt
St. Ambrose University - Wendy Curran

John Kerry
State Leadership (Oct. 9, 2003)
Rev. Rogers Kirk - Pastor Third Missionary Baptist Church, Davenport

Scott County Co-Chair, Veterans for Kerry
Kenneth Hass, Bettendorf   ...Army, WWII

Labor Support (Aug. 18, 2003 release)
Joe Mckeown - UAW Local 281

Dennis Kucinich
Karl Rhomberg, Scott County Democratic Party vice chair

Rank and File Iowa Labor for Kucinich (Sept. 1, 2003)
Tom Seymour, UAW Local 807 retirees, Bettendorf 

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