WAPELLO  24 precincts
Wapello County County Seat: Ottumwa
More Cities and Towns: Agency, Blakesburg, Chillicothe, Eldon, Kirkville.
Population, July 2002 est.: 35,787.   - 1.22% of total IA population of 2,936,760.
Registered Democrats (Active Aug. 1, 2003): 10,908.    - 2.07% of Democratic statewide total of 526,207.

Wapello County Reg. (Active Aug. 1, 2003): Rep. 4,064 (19.21%)  Dem. 10,908 (51.57%)   NP 6,180 (29.23%)    Total: 21,152.
Total IA Reg. (Active. Aug. 1, 2003): Rep. 580,252 (32.45%)   Dem. 526,207 (29.43%)  Grn. 135   NP 681,394 (38.11%)  Total: 1,787,988.

Wapello County Democratic Elected Officials
State Senators 
(Wapello County encompasses parts of Senate Districts 45 and 47)
47 - Keith Kreiman of Bloomfield (Davis County)
State Representatives
(Wapello County encompasses House District 93 and part of 90)
93 - Mary Gaskill of Ottumwa
90 - John Whitaker of Hillsboro (Henry County)
Supervisor Jerry Parker
Supervisor Steve Siegel
Supervisor Mike Peterson
Auditor Phyllis Dean
County Attorney Mark Tremmel
Recorder Joyce Hass
Sheriff Don Kirkendall
Treasurer Dianne Kiefer
Wapello County Democratic Party
Wapello County Democrats
County Chair: Carl Keeton
First Vice Chair: Dennis McCoy
Second Vice Chair: Ronald Brown
Third Vice Chair: Mary Gaskill
Secretary: Connie Black
Treasurer: Carolee Kern
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Ottumwa Courier
KTVO Channel 3 (ABC)

The Campaigns In Wapello County
Dean for America --   ...Evan Peterson
Edwards for President, Inc.  -- 529 W. Main Street   ...Jill Allen
Gephardt for President, Inc. -- 1010 E. Williams
Bob Graham for President, Inc. -- 405 East Second Street   ...Derrick Shapley
John Kerry for President, Inc.  --
Kucinich for President --

Key Supporters
Titles and affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.
Howard Dean

John Edwards
Mike Moreland - former State Representative, Ottumwa
Michael Petersen - Wapello County Supervisor, Ottumwa

Dick Gephardt

John Kerry
State Leadership (Oct. 9, 2003)
Jim Decker - Business Manager, Carpenters Local 410
Jack Reed - President, Iowa Professional Fire Fighters (IPFF)

Wapello County Chair, Veterans for Kerry
Phil Traul - Ottumwa   ...Army, Vietnam.   VFW Post 775; American Legion 0003.

Dennis Kucinich
Rank and File Iowa Labor for Kucinich (Sept. 1, 2003)
Bill Austin - President, UE Local 893, Ottumwa
Kevin Kelly - CWA Local 7172, Agency
Steve Siegel - Staff Rep, AFSCME Iowa Council 61; President, Southern Iowa Labor Council, Ottumwa
Stephen Tews - UAW Local 74, Ottumwa

Mahaska   Keokuk
Major employers include John Deere which manufactures balers, mower conditioners, windrowers, mowers and rakes, and Excel Corporation (a subsidiary of Cargill, Inc).

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