This interesting missive appeared in our mailbox in January 2003.  The author warns that Democratic candidates "cannot be allowed to just wander around Iowa making false, unfounded and misleading comments" about President Bush.


1,000 Iowa Republicans and Bush supporters really can make

a dramatic difference in Iowa over the next year…

Dear Iowa Friend,

            We have a lot in common. We realize that the policies President Bush is advocating and

advancing…from the war on terrorism to his determination on the domestic and economic fronts

to his support for important educational and taxpayer initiatives…are best for Iowans and all

Americans. As Iowans, with several Democrat wannabes surfacing in the state, we recognize that

the 2004 campaign against President Bush is already underway.

            In just over a year, the Democrats will be conducting their precinct caucuses and there

should be no doubt the President, his record and his agenda will come under constant – and

unprecedented – attack from the field of Democrat candidates as they try to outdo (and “out

volume”) each other in the coming months.

            Hardly a week, or even a day, will go by without one or two Democrats somewhere in

Iowa criticizing the President.

            We can’t let them do that. They cannot be allowed to just wander around Iowa making

false, unfounded and misleading comments – not to mention that even non-candidates, such as

Al Gore and Hillary Clinton, are sharpening their attacks on the President as 2004 draws closer.

            We must hold them accountable – and confront them.

            That why we, as Iowa Republicans and Bush supporters, are on the first line of defense

as Democrats campaign across the state and unleash their political rhetoric.

            For that reason – to monitor, to “set the record straight,” to defend President Bush – the

Iowa Presidential Watch has been created. We are determined to assure that the Democrats

won’t be allowed to distort and make fictitious charges against the President without being held


            Many leading Republicans – including Mike Mahaffey, Rich Schwarm, Steve Sukup and

Stewart Iverson – have already endorsed the Presidential Watch endeavor. It is imperative,

however, that we have as many Republicans and Bush advocates involved in this project as

possible. We must deal from a position of strength and credibility.

            We really can make a positive difference and help assure that Iowans aren’t being misled

by the volumes of political verbiage and rhetoric the Democrats will be fabricating in the months


            There’s no getting around it. Because of Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses, we really are

on the front lines of defense by monitoring the Democrats and keeping the record straight.  We

have a unique opportunity – and obligation – to hold the Democrats accountable for their loose

language and to confront them when they distort and fabricate the Bush record.

            Please take a couple minutes now to look at the following fact sheet about the Iowa

Presidential Watch and make a positive decision to sign up to help today.

Defenders Project

THE CHALLENGE:Iowa voters will be subjected to more intense – and often misleading and 

unfounded – negative criticisms of the Bush Administration and record than any other group of 

Americans as the Democrats gear up for the Iowa caucuses. With the announcement by another 

candidate entering the Democrat presidential race, the volume of the anti-Bush attacks will 

increase in intensity. (They will be in competition to “prove” which candidate is most effective in

attacking President Bush and the Republican agenda.) It is imperative – and Iowa Republicans 

have a unique obligation – to confront these misleading allegations.


THE PRESIDENTIAL WATCH:Iowa Presidential Watch is an uncoordinated independent 

federal PAC that has been organized for the purpose of monitoring and responding to unfounded

statements about the Bush and Republican agendas – by the candidates for the Democrat 

presidential nomination. Although only a handful of the Democrat candidates have announced 

their candidacies (with several more expected to enter the race), Iowans are already seeing solid

indications that the Democrats will launch an all-out, negative (and often misdirected and 

misleading) attack on the Bush Administration and record.


THE PROJECT:Defenders Project is an aggressive effort to hold the Democrat presidential

candidates accountable for their comments and allegations against President Bush, to produce 

materials to make Iowans aware of any false statements or claims by the Democrat candidates,

and, most especially, to defense the record of the Bush Administration and to “set the record 

straight” when the Democrats make false or misleading statements about the Bush-Republican



THE IMMEDIATE GOAL:With the caucuses just over a year away – especially now that the

2002 elections and holiday season are behind us – it is necessary to launch the Iowa Presidential

Watch. The most immediate priorities are to create and design a Watch website, accumulate

research materials and develop a media-voter contact network to keep Iowans informed about 

the Democrat candidates --and refute misleading falsehoods about the Bush record.


THE DEFENDERS:To achieve the immediate priorities, the Defenders Project has been 

created to secure support of 1,000 Iowa Republicans and Bush supporters at $36.00 – just $3 a

month. By becoming a “Defender,” the pro-Bush supporters will play a vital role not just in making

sure that the unfounded, fictional statements by the Democrat candidates are exposed, but the 

Defenders will help assure that Iowans are informed and aware of the contrasts between the

liberal Democrat rhetoric and the responsible Bush record.


Become A ‘Defender’ Today

Decide to join * Write a check for $36 (or $72 for two “Defenders”)
Print out and complete the Response Form below 
Mail to the address on the Response Form



Response Form

make checks payable to "Iowa Presidential Watch"

_____YES, I want to be a Defender. Please find my check for $36 enclosed.
_____ We want to sign up for two Defenders (our names are listed below).

Please find our check for $72 enclosed. 

_____ No, I don’t want to sign up as a Defender at this time, but keep me informed

about the Iowa Presidential Watch and find my contribution enclosed 

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Address / P.O. Box ____________________________________________________________

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Mail to:  Iowa Presidential Watch

P. O. Box 171
Webster City, IA 50595

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OPTIONAL QUESTION: Which of the following do you believe will win the Democrat contest in the Iowa caucuses?

___ Hillary Clinton___ John Edwards___ John Kerry___ Joe Lieberman

___ Al Sharpton___ Howard Dean___ Joe Biden___ Bob Graham

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