Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees
26555 Evergreen Road, Suite 200, Southfield, MI  48076
Contact: Danny Gates, Director of Government Affairs


June 5, 2003, Southfield, MI-
In an early sign of support, the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees (BMWE) endorsed Congressman Richard Gephardt of Missouri for President of the United States.  The Southfield, Michigan-based union represents approximately 40,000 workers who maintain the railbed of most of the train tracks across the United States and Canada.

The BMWE endorsement recognizes Gephardt as their choice to best represent working families, BMWE interests, and as the favored presidential candidate on Labor issues.

BMWE President Mac A. Fleming noted that although it's early and there are many other credible Democratic candidates vying for the job, "no other candidate - Democratic or Republican - has a stronger or more consistent record of fighting to protect American workers including those represented by BMWE.  Dick Gephardt has a lifelong history, including eight years as Leader of the Democrats in the U. S. House of Representatives, of fighting for issues that matter most to working families, such as job security, fair wages, and a level playing field - all top priorities to BMWE members everywhere."

"Dick Gephardt is committed to a strong passenger rail system for America, as we are.  Dick Gephardt has articulated visionary and specific plans to provide both health care for all Americans and job creation for a revived economy.  The BMWE endorsement followed through discussions and considerations involving the existing, and indeed evolving, political environment under the Bush administration and the need to support the candidate with the best labor side track record.  Dick Gephardt has demonstrated time and again his unequivocal support for working Americans, making him the candidate most able to challenge, and defeat, President Bush and his anti-labor administration," stated President Fleming.

"I am so proud to have received the support of Mac Fleming and the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees.  Rail workers are enormously important to our economy and we need a president who will work to keep this industry strong," said Gephardt.  "I plan on going door-to-door, town-to-town and union-to-union to win the support of hard working Americans all over this country.  The BMWE understands the importance of electing a president who understands the life experience of ordinary Americans.

(Highlights of Dick Gephardt's "All American," pro-worker career are available on request)

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