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December 1, 2003

Contact: John Isaacs

Council for a Livable World Announces New Anti-Bush Campaign

Washington, D.C. . . Council for a Livable World today announced a new and unique campaign to defeat George W. Bush in 2004.

Taking advantage of a landmark decision by the Federal Election Commission (Advisory Opinion 2003-23) earlier this month, the Council for a Livable World Candidate Fund has launched a new website to collect funds for the eventual Democratic Party nominee for President.

The website -- -- has raised over $15,000 in the first week of operation for the eventual Democratic nominee.

All money raised will be passed on to the Democratic nominee for President as soon as the winner is chosen. The Democratic nominee will be able to use all the money to respond to the massive $200 million Bush/Republican money machine next year.

Council for a Livable World, a political action committee founded in 1962 to focus on national security issues, has never before been involved in a presidential campaign. It has raised campaign funds for Senate and House candidates who support efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate weapons of mass destruction.  In the 2002 election cycle, the Council raised over $1.6 million for congressional races.

John Isaacs, president of Council for a Livable World, said: "This web site is the perfect vehicle for Democrats who have not chosen a candidate or who do not live in one of the early caucus or primary states."

Isaacs added: "Those who want to defeat George W. Bush can begin helping the Democratic nominee knowing that none of the contributions will be used to attack another Democratic candidate."

"President George W. Bush has been a disaster for the United States and the world. He used trumped-up charges to order American troops to invade Iraq at great cost of lives and dollars. He has alienated longtime allies, undermined the United Nations and repudiated treaties," Isaacs continued.

"At home, he has curtailed civil liberties, weakened standards on air pollution and food and water safety, appointed radical right wing judges, restricted a woman's right to choose, passed huge tax cuts for his wealthy supporters and now threatens our Medicare system," Isaacs added.

He concluded: " will help send the President into retirement in Texas."

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