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CWA Endorses John Kerry for President

Communications Workers of America President Morton Bahr issued the following statement today endorsing Senator John Kerry for the Democratic presidential nomination.

On behalf of the 700,000 men and women of the Communications Workers of America, CWA's Executive Board has voted to endorse Senator John F. Kerry for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Senator Kerry is the strongest candidate to carry the party's banner and reclaim the White House from an administration that listens solely to the corporate and wealthy elites at the expense of working families.

John Kerry's message resonates broadly, not only among Democratic activists but also among independent voters of all ages and backgrounds, who will be crucial to a Democratic victory this November.

Through the ups and downs of this very competitive race for the nomination, John Kerry has shown the toughness and tenacity that are needed to wage a successful campaign for the White House.

As voters around the country learn more about him, they recognize that John Kerry combines the experience in national security and foreign policy together with a command of economic and domestic issues that an effective president must have. He's a man who can step into the Oval Office and do the job from day one.

And voters see that Senator Kerry has a clear plan to address the issues that middle-class families worry about most the loss of millions of good jobs, growing millions of families with no health coverage, a ballooning budget deficit that is draining resources from schools, law enforcement and other vital public services.

CWA members know John Kerry as a leader who has stood with us time and again, fighting consistently for the interests of American working men and women during his 19 years in the Senate. We are proud to stand with him today, and we will mount a vigorous grassroots effort on behalf of John Kerry's nomination and for his election as President in November.

CWA represents 700,000 workers in telecommunications and information technology, journalism, broadcast and cable TV, publishing, manufacturing, airlines, and the public sector.