Emily's List Annual Majority Council Conference
May 20, 2003--The candidates made 10-minute (plus) pitches to Emily's List activists from around the country.

After Carol Moseley Braun spoke, she headed to the corridor outside.  Moseley Braun and her aides wrestled to open her briefcase and find envelopes for donations.  Elise Collins-Shields of Tucson, Arizona was enthusiastic about Moseley Braun's candidacy; she wrote a check and offered to host an event for her if she came to Arizona.

After all the speeches, a group of four women were discussing the speeches in the back of the room.  Here's what Pat West, a public health consultant from Philadelphia, had to say:

"A couple of us have supported Howard Dean with money and time, but he blew a lot of opportunity here today.  He did not articulate what he would do with health care in a way that was convincing, and I've heard him do it in other places, and other candidates did spell out the details.  I thought Kerry was good; I thought Edwards was surprisingly good, which makes me nevrous.  Kucinivich [sic] was even better, but that also makes me nervous.  I like the guy; I like what he said about having been homeless; I like what he said about his values.  I don't think he's electable.  I think this is a tough choice.  It is really about who can take the White House away.  I think we're going to have a fabulous discussion on the train this afternoon, going back to Philadelphia as we fight it all out."

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