National Farmers Union PAC July 1, 2004 Letter

Dear Senator Kerry:
On behalf of the National Farmers Union Political Action Committee (NATFARMPAC), I am pleased to inform you that it has voted to endorse your candidacy for President of the United States.
As you are well aware, family farmers and ranchers across America face serious challenges as do our rural communities.  These issues include the impacts of unfair trade and globalization, concentration of market power among a few multinational corporations, inadequate market returns to independent producers, the effects of natural disasters and the lack of investment to
improve the infrastructure and enhance the quality of life in rural America.
In order to address these important concerns, we believe it is important to have leadership in our Nationís highest office that is not only aware of the issues but will establish the restoration of rural America as a priority within a new administration.
Our committee believes your candidacy and election provide the best opportunity to create the partnerships between government and its citizens necessary to achieve success in dealing with these challenges and creating new economic and social opportunities for all of rural America.
Congratulations on this endorsement.  We look forward to working with you throughout the remaining months of your campaign and as our next President.
David J. Frederickson